Indokistani Declaration of Establishment

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Indokistani Declaration of Establishment
Original copy of the declaration
Original copy of the declaration
Created 16 September 2010
Location Suwarnakarta
Authors Nabil Ihsan
Signers Farhan Abdurrahman and Dicky L. K.
Purpose To declare establishment of Indokistan

Indokistani Declaration of Establishment (Indonesian: Deklarasi pendirian Indokistan) was officially proclaimed and signed in early September 2010, and marks the establishment of Indokistan. It was signed by Farhan Abdurrahman and Dicky L. K. after being written by Nabil Ihsan, and all of them later became the first President, Vice President, and Prime Minister, respectively. All of the participants on the declaration later was recognised as the founders of Indokistan, with full respect was paid to them by the successing governments later on.


In early September 2010, Indonesian high school students Farhan Abdurrahman, Dicky L. K., and Nabil Ihsan discussed on a possibility to run a micronation - initially dubbed as "political simulation" - among themselves, which was continued in an enthusiastic mood. Later, they planned on an establishment of Indostan as a "socialist monarchy", which was short-lived as the idea immediately abandoned.

Failure of Indostan instead convinced them more to consolidate on their next micronation, with plans done carefully and in full accordance. Few days later, they ready to announce the establishment of their new micronation, especially after the new name "Indokistan" was coined and was agreed by founders to be used as the new name for the micronation.


On the morning of 16 September 2010, Indokistani founders decided that a declaration on "Indokistani establishment" must be done before the end of the day. They utilizes school free time to compose the declaration, which was finished in less than a hour. In haste, Nabil Ihsan wrote each word dictated by other founders in a school notebook, and the paper was ripped from the book when it was finished and was trimmed to form a square paper. Farhan Abdurrahman and Dicky L. K. later signed the declaration, representing "Indokistani representatives".

The founders later intended to secure the paper, realizing the historical importance of the text. Nabil later laminate the paper with plastic, it was done in full clandestine as to not to attract authorities. For several days after, the text was remain in Nabil's guard as Indokistani government need to publicise the establishment of Indokistan.

Indokistani establishment was later announced publicly in 16 September afternoon, declaring the start of Indokistani government activities. As the founders began to start their activities, their friends began to be attracted to Indokistan, with Rifell N and Rizky Aulia as one of the first citizens of Indokistan, registering themselves in 20 September.

Because of their contribution during the declaration process, Farhan Abdurrahman, Dicky L. K., and Nabil Ihsan was recognized as the "Father Founders of Indokistan", and the first leadership of Indokistan was also divided among them. Afterwards, mentions of those three individuals in context of founding fathers were maintained in such arrangement.


The text of the declaration was heavily influenced from Indonesian declaration of independence, with similarities between both strikingly visible. After declaring independence, the declaration also states that separation of claimed regions would be done immediately and unilaterally. Farhan Abdurrahman and Dicky L. K. signed the declaration in the name of Indokistani representatives, at that time only Nabil that was refraining himself from also signing the text.

The sentence "Negara kita wajib kita jadikan bak mutiara budak" was later added by Dicky L. K.'s suggestion, clearly shows his fondness on poetic words.The origin of the phrase mutiara budak (Slave's pearl) was unclear; an interpretation made later described that the phrase may refer to the "humble" founders of Indokistan founding a new country that will shine as a "pearl" in the future.

A fictional date "15 June 1999" was written instead of the original date of the day, as Indokistan at that time was intended to be a "fantasy country" with fictional historical timeline. As Indokistan later entered the micronational community at-large in early 2011, a necessity to declare the real date of Indokistani founding was grown, yet the process was hampered because of the fictional date that was written instead. Further investigation from historical documents and events before and after the declaration successfully traced the real date as 16 September 2010.

Indonesian English translation
Kami, Rakyat Indokistan dengan ini menyatakan kemerdekaan Indokistan, dan segala hal yang meliputi pemecahan daerah akan dilaksanakan secepatnya dan sepihak. We, the People of Indokistan hereby declares Indokistan independence, and all matter regarding division of regions will be executed immediately and unilaterally.
Negara kita wajib kita jadikan bak mutiara budak. We should treat our country as a slave's pearl.
15 Juni 1999
15 June 1999
Atas nama wakil Indokistan
Farhan Abdurrahman - Dicky L. K.
In the name of the representatives of Indokistan
Farhan Abdurrahman - Dicky L. K.


The declaration marks the establishment of a micronation that would became one of the most important inside Indonesian sector. Indokistan would survive for six years until 2016, when the last authority decided to declare the dissolution of Indokistan.

Indokistani founders later deliberately avoided "independence" wording from the text, and also refraining to recognise Indokistan as "independent", with the word "establishment" was preferred afterwards. They afraid that Indokistani establishment would be seen as a threat by other individuals, as usage of independence rhetoric's outside the context of "Indonesian independence" would have been responded in hostile by their Indonesian compatriots.