Indokistani Federal Council

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Federal Council of the
Federal Republic of Indokistan
Dewan Federal Republik Federal Indokistan
AppointerRepublic Senate
Inaugural holderTian Abdurrahman
Mustafa Hakim
Abdul Rasyid I
Formation16 September 2012
Abolished3 October 2012
SuccessionPresident of Indokistan

Indokistani Federal Council (Indonesian: Dewan Federal Indokistan) was a former political post that took place as the head of state and government of the Federal Republic of Indokistan. It was a collective leadership comprising of head of constituent republics, with offices designated to them inside the council.

The Council was established in order to maintain equality of powers between each constituent republics, beside on an attempt to execute John Locke's theory on separation of powers.


The ideas to form a collective leadership inside Indokistan was in line with the spirit of change of the Emergency Government of Indokistan, which authorities decided to try a new system that may suit the country better. A collective leadership was not foreign to Indokistan, also being used at that time by the National Salvation Council of the Emergency Government. Before formation of the Federal Republic of Indokistan, authorities from the Emergency Government, led by Mustafa Hakim, presented the ideas of a collective head of state, which was responded positively by authorities of Al Rasyid Darussalam and Bobodolands.

After several preparations on governmental functions each members must fulfil and others, Federal Republic of Indokistan was established in 16 September 2012 with its Federal Council running as a collective head of state and government of Indokistan.


Three members of the council was originated from all constituent republics of the Federal Republic. Offices designated to each members caused it to became the supreme authority of the country, since this council alone controls the executive and legislative power of the country. Offices that was divided as Head of Government, Head of Parliament, and Secretary of State was an attempt to execute John Locke's interpretation of separation of powers, on which he divided it into executive, legislative, and federative powers.

Members of the Council Term of office Function Home state
Tian Abdurrahman 16 September 2012 3 October 2012 Head of Parliament Bobodolands
Mustafa Hakim Head of Government Indokistan
Abdul Rasyid I Secretary of State Northern Indokistan

End of the Council

In early October 2012, discussion to restore an unitary Indokistan emerging, especially supported by Tian Abdurrahman. The motion to restore unitary system was passed by National Senate in 3 October, and Indokistani Third Republic was established shortly after that. Beside on that, it was then decided to abandon the collective leadership, and instead restored individual leadership, on which the position of the Council was replaced with President of Indokistan and Abdul Rasyid I took over the position.