Indokistani Dissolution Decree

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Indokistan Dissolution Decree
COA Indokistan 14.png
Ratified 24 June 2016
Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Authors Nabil Ihsan
Signers National Forum of Indokistan members
Purpose Ratify the dissolution of Indokistan

Indokistani Dissolution Decree, officially known as Keputusan Forum Nasional Negara Federal Indokistan Mengenai Pembubaran (Decision of the National Forum of Indokistan on Dissolution), was a decree passed by the National Forum of Indokistan to authorised the dissolution of Indokistan on 5 July 2016. It was passed and signed by all states inside Indokistan except Aziziyah. The law dictates on things must be done starting from the ratification date until 5 July, scheduled day for the dissolution.


Indokistan, plagued by inactivity and its irreversible damage caused, was deemed to be dissolved eventually, but National Forum members denying the actual situation that the country suffer. At the same time, members also repeatedly absent from National Forum sessions, which made worse the inactivity.

On 17 June, Forum session to explicitly discuss possible dissolution was met with no resistance, as members put no opposition on the dissolution of Indokistan. Beforehand, several members of the National Forum, led by Nabil Ihsan, secretly prepared a document draft that would manage necessary things to be done before the eventual dissolution.


A Forum discussion on 24 June only attended by members created the treaty, after for several days announced it inside the Forum. On the evening, those members threatens should no members object the proposed document, it will be made official. After this coercion, other members began to flooding session floor, only to announce their support for the document. The document was signed by governors of each states, which was Rayhan Haikal of Cussex, Farhan Abdurrahman of Central Indokistan, and Nabil Ihsan of Suwarnakarta on 9 pm that day, legitimizing the document, and the dissolution of Indokistan. It was signed without Aziziyah, that only successfully contacted on 20 July after several days, claimed that their communication line was damage as reason. Nonetheless, Aziziyah also supported the dissolution and its governor signature was added symbolically to the document.


Its preamble, described that inactivity "because of obvious, unavoidable reasons" and 17 June discussion legitimizing the dissolution. Its second paragraph describes that members of the National Forum agreed to dissolve Indokistan as a "sovereign federal micronational entity" on 5 July 2016, 11.59 pm Indokistani time (UTC +7).

Beside the preamble, the document also describes at least four things that the state authority must do before 5 July, the designated time of dissolution. The preamble sets a transition period for at least two weeks, giving time to authority to preparing the dissolution. Suwarnakarta government was ordered to fulfil transitions related to central government and foreign policy, and also to oversee the transition process.

  1. To hold National Forum meetings to discuss: decision of states whether to dissolve or declare independence, or others; division of national assets between central and state government; and indivisible institutions, at that time only Indokistan News Network and National Archives of Indokistan remaining.
  2. State governments to establish adjustments necessary before the dissolution, and on their plan of continuity after Indokistani dissolution on 5 July. This would be discussed inside the National Forum session.
  3. To preserve Suwarnakarta as the very last administrative division to be dissolved, or declare independence, or others, because of its status as national capital, thus a symbol of national unity and an embodiment of the central government.
  4. To establish adjustments on foreign affairs - that would be managed by Suwarnakarta government, which includes to announce the dissolution of Indokistan and to close relations with other micronations, and to request cancellation of membership inside intermicronational organisations and settle unresolved issue inside it. At that time Indokistan was AIM chairman, thus needed is an immediate search of successor because of its planned dissolution.


As decreed by the document, each state must announce their decision on their state continuity after the dissolution, immediately on 26 June, government of Central Indokistan and Cussex declared their intention to dissolve after 5 July. On 29 June, National Forum agreed to add an extra clause that territories formerly claimed by Indokistani states must be declared void from micronational activities, this was to prohibit "opportunist" micronations on immediately claimed Indokistani regions after its dissolution.

Indokistan only intermicronational organisation issue - chairmanship of Association of Indonesian Micronations - was finally resolved in 1 July, with Arkapore agreed to receive chairmanship authority from Indokistan, with other members consent.

After Indokistan eventual dissolution in 5 July, Suwarnakarta Institute as "socio-cultural successor" of Indokistan, pleaded that they would oversee the decree enactment and former Indokistani state territories.

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