2013 Indokistani presidential election

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Indokistan Presidential election, 2013

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  TIAN.jpg Rayhan.jpg
Candidate Tian Abdurrahman Rayhan Haikal
Party Independent Independent
Home state Bobodolands Cussex
Popular vote 3 2
Percentage 60% 40%

President before election

Nabil Ihsan

Elected President

Tian Abdurrahman

Indokistani presidential election was took place in a week period between 23–30 June 2013 to elect new president of Indokistan that will succeed Nabil Ihsan as head of state and head of governement for the Republic.

The election was the second in Indokistan, and resulting in the victory of Tian Abdurrahman. This election and the aftermath subsequently started a new era in Indokistani history, the second Federal era.

Federal State of Indokistan

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On the election, there were two renowned politicians ran as presidential candidates, which was Tian Abdurrahman from state of Bobodolands and Rayhan Haikal from Cussex Region. The two candidates were registered when the electoral commission officially opened the registration for presidential candidate. This was the first time in Indokistan that the candidates were not come from Central Indokistan region.

Incumbent president Nabil Ihsan decided to not to run as president due to term limit, and the law only allowing him again to run as candidate in 2014.


On this election, the number of voters only reached the number of 5 peoples, less than the voters in the previous election. Largest voter numbers concentrated from Central Indokistan with 3 voters, followed by Bobodolands and Cussex Region with one voter from each states.

On this election, the inactive state of Wirasena does not register any voters, which makes the voters will come from only 3 states, out from 4. Because majority of Indokistani does registered and place their vote, this election result remain legal despite only three states joined the election.


Due to pressure from the National Forum to immediately held an election (because of continuous delay from the initial date set on April 2013), the election was seen to be held in a hurry. The electoral commision decided to take the date of 23 June as start of the election, just a week after the decision were made by the forum. On this, the electoral commision just give time of 3 days for each candidates to held a campaign promoting their programs and vision of their presidency.

Presidency note

Same as the previous election, the electoral commision recommend each candidates to publish their presidency note. Publishing their proposed programs, their vision and mission in the national and international affairs that will affect Indokistan through their programs that they propose to implement. On this election, only Tian published his presidency note. With no penalty applied for candidates that doesn't publish his presidency note, Rayhan still able to maintain his presidential candidacy.

#1 - Tian Abdurrahman
#2 - Rayhan Haikal
"To achieve Indokistan as the true 'Land of Indonesians'"
  • Strengthening Indokistani citizens loyalty to his macronation
  • Establishment of new administrative division arrangement based on Indonesian system
  • Promotion of regional languages
  • Appointment of ambassadors for micronations with diplomatic relations with Indokistan
  • Strengthening the National Forum system
  • Establishment of Islam as state religion


The voting process was took place in an mobile poll, where each voters were able to contact the electoral commision in order to submit their votes. This action were taken because each states participate in this election were separated in a far distance, which makes mobile media was the only way to contact and interact with each states. Despite that the votes also opened in an online media, all voters instead vote only from mobile poll.

The voting period were started in 23 June and was closed after one week in 30 June 2013.


No. Candidate Votes (Number) Votes (Percentage)
1 Tian Abdurrahman 3 60%
2 Rayhan Haikal 2 40%


Tian Abdurrahman signed the declaration of establishment of the Federal State after his inauguration

The announcement of the winner of the election was published on the National Forum session shortly after the counting process ends.

Despite of the success of the election process, the electoral commission were disappointed due to the low number of voters on this election. The issue resulting in a proposal to the Forum about new system to elect new president in appointment through consensus in a special session inside the Forum on the next election.


President-elect Tian Abdurrahman took his oath on an inauguration ceremony took place in 5 July 2013. The ceremony was took place in his home state of Bobodolands. As agreed before with the National Forum, Tian also declared the establishment of the Federal State of Indokistan, on which he does shortly after his inauguration, thus making it his first government act.