International Association for Micronational Advancement

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The International Association for Micronational Advancement, also known as IAMA or, more recently, the St. Anton Conference, was an association of micronations designed to function as a United Nations for micronations.


IAMA sought to act as a United Nations for micronations. It also sought to create a system of standardization.

  • The IAMA Currency Code was developed to standardize currency in the micronation community. The IAMA MicroBank issued a currency code for every micronation's currency, and any currencies that could not be balanced against Euros or the US dollar were discarded.
  • The St. Anton Conference was a union of nations devoted to maintaining and uniting micronations together as a way to act like a macronation and receive more respect from other nations. The St. Anton Conference was announced by Director Chadbourne as a major new initiative, so important that she considered renaming the IAMA to simply the "St. Anton Conference".

Foundation and Support

The St. Anton Conference was founded by the United Republic of Arlberg.


On October 26, 2005, the Chancellor of Arlberg withdrew that nation from the IAMA, effectivly ending its short-lived, failed life.