International Declaration of Sovereign Independence and The Unbreakable Rights of Citizens (Phokland)

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The International Declaration of Sovereign Independence and the Unbreakable Rights of Citizens (more commonly referred to as the IDSIURC is the national constitution/declaration of independence for the Tsardom of Phokland.

Text of the declaration

By the whim of the sovereign of Phokland: His Imperial Majesty Charles Aelred Ross Imperial Tsar by the grace of God, the following decree is made and henceforth upon the signature of the monarch shall be considered the law of the land.


We the citizens of the great nation of Phokland, in the hopes of forming a more peaceful and sustainable nation, do declare on this third day of August in the year of our lord two thousand and nineteen the total and complete independence of the nation of Phokland as a fully functional and sovereign state with certain unbreakable rights. Now Therefore, We, The Government of Phokland, Do Hereby Declare:

That it is an indisputable and accepted historic fact that since the year of our Lord 2007 a.d. the Government of Phokland has exercised the powers of self-government and have been responsible for the progress, development and welfare of their people;

That the people of Phokland having demonstrated their loyalty to themselves, their monarch and their home nations throughout the world.

The people of Phokland have witnessed a process which is destructive of those very precepts upon which civilization in a primitive country has been built, they have seen the principles of Western democracy, responsible government and moral standards crumble elsewhere, nevertheless they have remained steadfast;

That the people of Phokland fully support the requests of their government for sovereign independence from all seemingly oppressive forces.

That in the belief that procrastination and delay strike at and injure the very life of the nation, the Government of Phokland consider it essential that Phokland should attain, without delay, sovereign independence, the justice of which is beyond question;

Now Therefore, We The Government of Phokland, in humble submission to Almighty God who controls the destinies of nations, conscious that the people of Phokland have always shown unswerving loyalty and devotion to His Imperial Majesty the Tsar and earnestly praying that we and the people of Phokland will not be hindered in our determination to continue exercising our undoubted right to demonstrate the same loyalty and devotion, and seeking to promote the common good so that the dignity and freedom of all men, women and others may be assured, Do, By This Proclamation, adopt, enact and give to the people of Phokland the Constitution annexed hereto;

Given under Our Hand at Vundenberg, this third day of August in the Year of Our Lord two thousand and nineteen.

In Regards to flags and symbols

It is the firm belief of the Government of Phokland that our flag and Coat of Arms shall be as follows and shall remain as such until such a time that a two thirds majority votes in favor of changing it.

Core rights of the citizen

Be it known that the following shall be the unbreakable rights of every citizen of the great state of Phokland...

  1. All citizens on or between the ages of 13-29 shall be eligible to serve their nation in the armed forces, henceforth known as the Phoklandian Defense Force whom shall be responsible for the protection and safeguarding of Phokland.
  2. All citizens shall be free to express themselves in whatever way they deem appropriate so long as said dress does not harm others.
  3. All citizens may publicly disagree or discuss the government of Phokland (be it a monarch or otherwise).
  4. All citizens shall have the right to individual property.
  5. All citizens shall have the right of free press/speech.
  6. All shall have the opportunities of life, liberty and happiness.
  7. All may leave Phokland if they so wish.

Situation of Monarchical power

The sovereign (Tsar) of Phokland shall henceforth and by popular demand e considered the absolute monarch of the nation and shall have ultimate power, so long as it does not interfere with pre existing laws (i.e. this document).