International Treaty of Unrecognized Micronations in North America

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The International Treaty of Unrecognized Micronations in North America, or the ITUMNA, as it is usually known, is a military and economic alliance for micronations in the continent of North America. Currently the alliance only has one member, the Micronational Empire of Thebes, but formerly had two members, before the other member collapsed.


The ITUMNA was established on November 5, 2019, by King Charles I of Thebes. Thebes became the first member, and invited other nations to join, but all declined. However, on November 11, 2019, Ohana Nation excepted the invitation to join, but because of ongoing corruption in the government, collapsed 4 days later, and Thebes once again was the only member. To this day, Thebes remains the only member of the ITUMNA.


The head of the ITUMNA is the head of state/government of Thebes, which is the king. The other position within the ITUMNA is the Board of Representatives, which is made up of the heads of states of the other nations, and two other representatives from each nation.

List of Board Members of the ITUMNA

Head of the Itumna
Alexander I
Board Members of the ITUMNA
Name Nation Type
Eithan Ackerman Thebes Representative
Charles Miller

List of Member States of the ITUMNA

Member State Date Joined Notes
Thebes November 5, 2019 Founding Nation
Ohana Nation November 11, 2019 Collapsed on November 15, 2019