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Town of Austenasia
Flag of Ionisia
Coat of arms of Ionisia
In the ancient we believe
Established6 August 2017
 • RepresentativeHRH Prince Aggelos
 • Total2
Time zoneUTC+2

Ionisia was a Town of the Empire of Austenasia situated on the island of Samos, bordered on all sides by Greece. The Town consisted of a residential property home to three people, all of whom were Orthodox Christians. Ionisia joined Austenasia on 6 August 2017, and was dissolved exactly one year later.

The residents of Ionisia were dual citizens of the Kingdom of Imvrassia, with the Town founded in an exercise of national friendship between Austenasia and Imvrassia. Prince Aggelos of Imvrassia served as Ionisia's Representative in Parliament, and Imvrassian Queen Aikaterini I was another of the three residents. After Ionisia's dissolution, its population retained Austenasian non-residential subjectship in a gesture of the continuing friendship between Austenasia and Imvrassia.

The territory of the former Town, has been made temporarily a self-governorous area the Archontia of Ionisia and Prince Aggelos assumed the title of the Lord of Ionisia immediately after the region left the Empire.