Isla Fox del Sur

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Isla Fox del Sur
Commonwealth of Isla Fox del Sur
Estado Libre Asociado de Isla Fox del Sur (Spanish)
Map of Paloma with Isla Fox del Sur highlighted
Map of Paloma with Isla Fox del Sur highlighted
Sovereign state Free Socialist State of Paloma
Annexation15 September 2021
Transition into territory18 September 2021
GovernmentDevolved presidential Socialist dependency
LegislatureSupreme Foxman
CurrencyPaloman dinero
Time zoneUTC-05:00 (EST)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright

Isla Fox del Sur is an unincorporated territory of Paloma located on South Fox Island in the Fox Islands in Lake Michigan Northwest of the mainland US state of Michigan. Isla Fox del Sur is the northernmost territory of Paloma and has no permanent year round population.