Islamic Development Party

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Islamic Development Party
LeaderTian Abdurrahman
FoundedJune 2012
DissolvedAugust 2012
HeadquartersDacoen Barakstan
IdeologyBarakstani interests

Islamic Development Party (Indonesian: Partai Pembangunan Islam) was a former political party in Indokistan founded by Tian Abdurrahman and his partner Susi Sopiani in June 2012. Based in Tian Generations Place, it was an Islamist and regionalist party, mainly concerned with Barakstani interests.

Tian's intention to establish political party inside the single-party Indokistan was already shown before June 2012, shortly after Barakstan merged with Indokistan. He finally formed the party in June 2012, on which during its establishment ceremony, Tian and Susi ceremonially took a pledge of allegiance for the party together with other party members. Indokistani government immediately recognizes the political party, thus ending the single-party politics inside Indokistan.

Throughout its existence, the party had no influence inside Indokistani national politics, especially because of its short lifespan and that the party never joined any nationwide election. The party had no representative inside Bolshoiskii Parliament. Despite of this, the party's influence inside Barakstan was huge, taking post-merge government consolidation as chance to improve it.

The party was neglected shortly in July 2012, after Tian departed from Indokistan and declared Dacoen Barakstan reestablishment as an independent micronation. Despite of that, the dissolution of the party was only recognised in August 2012 during the Emergency Government of Indokistan, when the emergency authority suspended all existing political parties, including the United Peoples Party.