Islamic Republic of Wescoyla

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Islamic Republic of Wescoyla
جمهورية ويسكويلا الإسلامية
Flag of Islamic Republic of Wescoyla
Motto: الله والشرف والوطن
God, Honor and Country
Official languagesEnglish, Arabic
Islam (Official)
GovernmentUnitary Islamic Parliamentary Republic
• President
Luke K
• Prime Minister
• Chief Justice
National Assembly
• Formed
1 October 2022
• 2022 estimate
Date formatdd/mm/yyy

The Islamic Republic of Wescoyla, referred colloquially as Wescoyla, is a self-declared sovereign nation commonly referred to as a Micronation. The republic was officially formed and declared independence on 1 October 2022.

Parliament is the bicameral legislature of the republic. The executive power of the government is held by the President though is typically devolved to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.


The republic was established on 1 October 2022. It initially started as a secular republic but was swiftly transitioned into an Islamic republic with fist President, Luke K, implementing his initial thoughts for an Islamic republic.

Government and Politics

The nation functions as an Islamic parliamentary republic.

Presidency & the Executive

The head of state is the President. The president is the head of the executive branch of government, though may devolve this role to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. Because the nation is a parliamentary republic, the president serves more as a ceremonial figurehead.

The president is elected by parliament and appoints senior figures such as the Prime Minister, as well as other Ministers.


Parliament is the primary bicameral legislature of the republic. It consists of two houses - the Senate and National Assembly. The national assembly is elected by proportional representation and the senate is elected by first past the post.

The national assembly is the main legislative house of parliament, with the senate having some legislative and administrative abilities as well as checks and balances with the national assembly.

The national assembly is lead by a Speaker, whereas the senate is lead by a chairman. By convention, the prime minister and cabinet are members of the national assembly though occasionally may be senators.


The highest court in the republic is the Supreme Court. The supreme court manages and oversees national court cases, may shut down laws that it deems as unconstitutional. The supreme court is chaired by the Chief Justice. All supreme court Justices must be appointed by the president, when a vacancy occurs, with senate approval.

As well as the supreme court, the Grand Mufti of Wescoyla is granted judicial rulings on religious issues within the nation and typically rules on sharia law within the nation.



As an Islamic republic, the state's official religion is Islam. The government typically works to enact laws that fits Sharia and the President appoints a Grand Mufti on the advice and nomination of the parliament.


Sport is encouraged in the republic. The national sport is archery and the government occasionally sponsors national competitions.

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