Istorian tarvin

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Istorian Tarvin
ISO 4217
BanknotesŦ1, Ŧ5, Ŧ10, Ŧ50, Ŧ100
User(s) Istoria
Central bankEltmund, Swassburg/Maximilian's House
Pegged with0.25 US dollar

The Istorian Tarvin was the national currency of the Kingdom of Istoria. It was introduced on February 19, 2011, with denominations of 1, 5, 10, 50, & 100. One Tarvin is currently pegged to the value of $0.25 United States dollar(s).


The Istorian Tarvin comes from the currency of the Republic of Kirissa, the tarvin. It was not used a lot in Istoria, until February 18, 2011, when His Royal Sir was inspired to make an Istorian version of the Kirissan Tarvin.


That night, His Royal Sir went to work on Microsoft Paint to design the Tarvin 2011 series, & on the following day, went to work drawing each one of them (1, 5, 10, 50, 100).

Exchange Rate

NOTE: The more American money the Istorian treasury has, the higher the value. But the less American money the Istorian treasury has, the lower the value.

1 (One) Ŧ buys: (as of July 6, 2011 A.D.)

0.25 American Dollars

0.2338 Australian Dollars

0.1562 British Pounds

20.2288 Japanese Yens

0.1746 Euros

6.999 Russian Rubles

1.6855 South African Rands

2133.25 Indonesian Rupiahs

1st Edition

NOTE: On Tarvin bills, the front image is also in the back, even though the left side of the bill images on front is on the right side of the bill images on reverse

Denomination Image Color Issue Date
1 Tarvin Light Green February 19, 2011
5 Tarvin Brown February 19, 2011
10 Tarvin Orange February 13, 2011
50 Tarvin Red February 19, 2011
100 Tarvin Yellow February 19, 2011

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