Jack Santucci

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Longtime member of the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia. Jack has held nearly every position in the Commonwealth, including the Presidency on more than one occasion.

He has participated in other micronations, as he puts it, "very brief stints in the Holy Empire of Reunion, Republic of Rocentia, and Principality of Alameigh", but has devoted the vast majority of his time to the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia.

He is a leading member of the Social Democratic Party of Cyberia, and currently serves his country as Speaker. As with most prominent Cyberians and many micronationalists in general, his long career has met with many frustrations, many conflicts and many successes.

He was one of the founders of the micronational blogosphere. He won the 2004 People's FNORD Award for Achievement in Micronational News, and is a member of the Order of the Griffin.