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Jahr Null (from the German, Year zero is also a reference to the tv series "the man in the high castle" is a term adopted in 2020 onwards to refer to the campaign conducted by the Rightwinged Federal Party to destroy ceremonially books in Federalia and New Federalia during 2020/2021. The books targeted for destroying were those viewed as being subversive or as representing ideologies opposed to Ericnian culture. These included books written by User:Honorous Eric the first itself, paintings, music and even  The first books burned were those of New Federalia.

Start of the ideology

Examples of books turned into pulp by the Federalia.

On , 2020, The Rightwinged Federalian Party (RFP) proclaimed a nationwide "Action against the Un-Student Spirit", or anything other than out from the studies. This lead to censor all books considered un-scientific or childish.

Local chapters were to supply the press with releases and commissioned articles. The Party had contacted the West Union the 20th of December to request support for their campaign, including having Propaganda Minister Honorous Eric the first be the main speaker at the event in the EricsFeld.

During 2021 the EricsChamber published the "4 Roman Tables", a title chosen to be evocative of the 12 Roman tables of law as a new constitution including 52 from the past constitution and 28 new laws modeled after the Jahr Null.

At the same time, There were approved unanimously by the EricsChamber the Nuremberg Papers. This portrait how any document that enters the country cant have a principal impure font.

Together they called for a "pure" national culture . The plaques were installed near the entrance to be seen, in the old EricsFeld. The students described the action as a “response to a worldwide conspiracy against Eric's culture and an affirmation of traditional Ericnian values.”

Against Foreign Literature

The Party plundered the library of Alexandria (See Federalian Archive)

The Union made an organized attack to stole of around 420 books, artworks and journals from Federalia and New Federalia. It was also to ensure public safety, to mobilize military personnel to those places. Similar to how Sending militaries to New Federalia it was forced to unify.

It also celebrates that On September 2017, the inhabitants reduced to pulp upwards of 70 papers(est of 1/3 of all papers at that time) of unwanted books in the future Bell square, Alox, and damaged over 5 more. Thereby anticipating an era of uncompromising state censorship.

During the ocupation of Noigas, there was many marches against the "un-Erician" spirit. The scripted rituals of this night called for high officials and students to address the participants and spectator. It was cataloged that day 155 impure papers, achieved and the sent to a Federal Reserve to later be destroyed. The 250 resting papers were well achieved and catalogued into a safe area were once stood the EricsReichArchive.

The era of extreme anti ericianism is now at an end. The breakthrough of the Ericnian revolution has again cleared the way on the Federalian path...The future Eric will not just be a man of books, but a man of character. Without the Union the Republic would sink to the ground, but from this wreckage the phoenix of a new spirit will triumphantly rise. So I declare Year zero (Jahr Null) from now.

— Eric, Speech to the students in Alox. In this we explain that the perversion is shown in media due to the of doing crime and atempt against thr purity of the Ericnian culture.

All of the following types of literature were to be banned:traitors,Political,class fights, decadency of society, denigration of Federalian Empire or Jahr Null or the president or the party. carnal desire, journalism extra popular, enemies of state, adulteration of Lineal-E, falsification of Ericnian history and tradition to the West Niuhunsey wars. Related with past life before 2021.

Federalia also seized all the books from New Federalia communities in the West. They did intend to keep and display a few rare and ancient books in the EricsReichArchive. The destruction of the books represents a culmination of the persecution of those ideas whose oral or written opinions were opposed to Ericnian ideology. Many artists, writers and scientists were banned from being read, written and publicize. Their works could no longer be found in libraries or the EricsReichArchive. Some of the material was driven to exile.


The same happened to Music played or written inside the nation. The Jahr Null theorizes that the music can alter the normal function of the brain by penetrating in its subconscious. So songs under influences so bad like bad music as Reggeaton or chaotical beats as jazz, can make function the brain in the possible ways and make a hard future for the day to day Federalians. All the following are forbidden: Arnold Schoenberg, Kurt Weill, Ernst Krenek, Franz Schreken, Alban Berg, Ernst Toch, Leo Kestenberg, hindemith and Stravinsky. Along with all trending song not approved because the masses are like a tumor that only impures more cells. They viewed these musical styles as inferior works belonging to an novice ideals and therefore prohibited by Federalia.


All the symbolism and deprevacy held into the distortion of reality painted by Federals is a tumor in Federalia. It is preferable the proportion and canons of the classic masterpieces like greek and roman art and its studies. All must fall into this precepts and no of the forbidden topics such as: carnal desire, crime, ideologies and others. Was there organized a cleanse of all art, overall, the art located on New Federalia.We National Socialists are not unmodern; we are the carrier of a new modernity, not only in politics and in social matters, but also in art and intellectual matters.

The impure paintings were destroyed and from any movement that wasn't realism such as Dadaism, cubism, expressionism, fauvism, impressionism, surrealism and new objectivity.


Videos are also censored with a similar criteria. All trending and with dark humor or impure intentions should be forbidden to be played on Federalian Soil.


New Federalia new government that proposed Federalia argued that only racially pure artists could produce a healthy art which upheld timeless ideals of classical beauty, while impure modern artists produced disordered artworks and monstrous depictions of the human form. She approved some treaties against foreign media.

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