Jared B.

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Jared B OA
High Consul of Swannia
Assumed office:
9 September 2021
Co-High Consul Daniel Hamilton
Former offices
Member of the Privy Council of Australis
In office:
6 August – 9 September 2021
Grand Duke Daniel I
Margrave Patrick Kenny
Prime Minister of Australis
In office:
23 April – 6 May 2021
28 May – 7 November 2020
Grand Duke Daniel Hamilton
Predecessor Xavier Martin
Successor Patrick Kenny
Personal Information
Born 26 April 2006 (2006-04-26) (age 17)
Durban, South Africa
Nationality South African
Ethnicity Dutch
Residence Perth, Western Australia
Known for Longest serving Prime Minister of Australis

Sir Jared B of Australis, OA (Born Jared B, April 2006), is a Dutch-Australian micronational politician. Active in the Grand Duchy of Australis, Jared formerly served as the Prime Minister of Australis from late April to early May 2020, and again from late May to early November 2020, making him the longest-serving Prime Minister of Australis. Jared served as a member of the Privy Council of Australis, having been appointed by the Grand Duke in August 2021. He held this position until the dissolution of Australis on 9 September 2021, when he later became one of two High Consuls of Swannia, alongside Daniel Hamilton.

Jared has been a citizen of Australis since it was founded on 8 April 2020, making him the second-longest holder of Australisian citizenship, behind Daniel Hamilton.


Prime Ministership

Jared was the second Prime Minister of Australis, and the first elected Prime Minister of Australis, gaining office on 23 April 2020. he held the position by virtue of his position as leader of the Libertarian Socialist Party, which was officially supported by many members of the Pentarchy of Australis at the time. On 6 May 2020, the Pentarchy banned political parties and dissolved Parliament, in order to bring about widespread reforms to Australis, which at the time was less than a month old. Following this, Jared was appointed as an advisor to the Pentarchy.

On 28 May 2020, Daniel Hamilton, a member of the Pentarchy at the time, proposed to disband the Pentarchy through a majority vote to allow him to succeed it as the first Grand Duke of Australis. In order to do this, Hamilton asked Jared to lobby members of the Pentarchy to vote in favour of the dissolution, in exchange for being appointed as Prime Minister again if successful. On the same day, the vote passed, and Hamilton appointed Jared to the position, however renamed the role to 'Chancellor of Australis'.

Jared served as Chancellor with no official political affiliation (As this was still prohibited) until 7 November 2020, when he submitted his resignation to the Grand Duke. He was succeeded by Patrick Kenny, who had previously served as the Minister for Foreign Affairs. Following his resignation, the Grand Duke awarded Jared with the Order of Australis for his exceptional contributions to Australis as Prime Minister and Chancellor.

Later career

In August 2021, Jared became active in the Australisian government again, joining the Australisian Discord sector, where most business was now being conducted. He was quickly appointed as a member of the Privy Council, and was also appointed as the tertiary and secondary delegate for Australis in the Cupertino Alliance and Grand Unified Micronational, respectively. Upon the sudden long-term hiatus of Grand Duke of Australis Daniel Hamilton, Jared was appointed as the primary delegate for Australis in all micronational organisations.


Upon the formation of the Swannian Union between Australis and New Holland on 9 September 2021, Jared became one of the two High Consuls of Swannia, alongside Daniel Hamilton. On the same day, he was also appointed as the Consul for New Holland.

Personal life


Jared is well-known across the micronational Discord community for a satirical video created by himself and Daniel Hamilton in January 2021, depicting Hamilton shooting Jared with a cap gun for refusing to join Australis. The video has been shared several times across several venues, including MicroWiki@Discord, the Cupertino Alliance, Grand Unified Micronational and the Micropolitan Club and Lounge.

Several other videos were created by Daniel Hamilton and Jared B of a similar nature, including a video parodying the reality TV show Undercover Boss, in which Jared proceeds to 'diss' Australis in front of Hamilton, the Grand Duke of Australis, until he shoots Jared to death with a cap gun.

Year Title Role(s) Notes
2021 What happens if you don't join Australis? Hostage/Victim Satirical advertisement
2021 What happens if you diss Australis? Himself Undercover Boss parody
2021 POLICE BRUTALITY DOES NOT EXIST IN AUSTRALIS - A documentary Police brutality victim Satirical video parodying modern police brutality


National honours

Ribbon Honour Date Post-nominals
Knight of the Order of Australis 1 January 2021 OA
Order of the Greyhound, Gold Class 1 January 2021 OGG