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His Eternalty

Eternal Guide of the Fascist Republic of Okinoshima

Official painting of Jo-Chi
Guide of Okinoshima
4 September 2014
Prime Minister(s) none (de facto)
Hideki Kazuo
Personal information
Born: 24 Febuary 1999
Birth name: Jo-Chi
Citizenship: Fascist Republic of Okinoshima
Nationality: Dutch (Japanese etnicty)
Residence: Eternal Gate ,Sanyo ,Fascist Republic of Okinoshima
Religion: Shinto

Jo-Chi is the reigning Eternal Guide of Okinoshima , He has acceded to the office on 4 September. Jo-Chi is the first fascist ruler. He promotes fascism in Okinoshima, and declares himself a dictator. Most of the population of Okinoshima sees him as Hideki Tojo's son he also claims himself as Supreme Emperor of the Greater Okinoshiman Empire with claims Beiwan and Koya Jo-Chi is known to be the "Emperor of Okinoshima" or the "Holy Leader of the Asian Seas".

Surrender of Jo-Chi

On 9 September 2014, the Guide of the Okinoshiman Republic, Jo-Chi, who was then in Sanyo near te Northren Coast, issued a proclamation about his plan to transfer power and appointing Hideki Kazuo, the Prime Minister, as his successor. This was done in accordance with the Keizu Proclamation which provided as follows: I your guide must retreat from politics before i get arrested we will fight until the surrender the capital will replace by Izuwana and your new guide with leads us to victory is Hideki KazuoJo-Chi exiled to The Netherlands

Akane Sakurako have failed The rises of Beiwan and Koya is they formed the Axis of Exil with want dominate the holy seas of Asia we must fight against the Chinese Gaijin then i now declare the Fascist Republic of Okinoshima

— Jo-Chi
Preceded by: Guide of Okinoshima Succeded by:
4–9 September 2014 Hideki Kazuo