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John, April 2023.jpg
King John in 2023
King of Baustralia
Reign20 June 2017 -
Heir presumptiveJohn, Prince of Kingston
Emperor of Ostreum
Reign14 April 2018 - 28 December 2020
Emperor of Ovrestlia
Reign21 April 2020 - 23 April 2020
PredecessorThomas Marios I
BornJacob Patrick Caravaggio
7 June 2003 (2003-06-07) (age 19)
Sunnybrook Hosptial, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
FatherPrince John, Duke of Kingston
MotherSusan, Duchess of Kingston
Military career
Allegiance Baustralia
Service/branch His Royal Navy
RankBaustralia-Navy-O10-infobox.svg Admiral of the Fleet
Service number34883
Commands heldBaustralian Armed Forces
Battles/warsBaustralian War

John (Jacob Patrick, born 7 June 2003) is King of Baustralia and of the colonies of the Baustralian Empire since 20 June 2017. He was also the Prince of Cumberland from 4 November 2017 until 10 February 2018 and once again from 9 March 2018 to 31 May 2018, when the Kingdom of Edstmae was dissolved. He also held the title of Emperor of Ostreum until December 2020. In certain micronations requiring the use of a full civilian name, John Caravaggio III is used in reference to his regnal name, and both his father and grandfather, both named John.

He also holds the title of King Emeritus of Kapreburg from 24 July 2019 after giving up the Dominion of Kapreburg, and the title of Crown Prince of Sayville in the Kingdom of Sayville. He held the title of Emperor of Ovrestlia from 21 April 2020 to 23 April 2020, co-reigning with Aggelos I and Alcibiades I, as well as Duke of Brighton in Ikonia, and both a Count and Baron in Vishwamitra, formerly under the baronial title of Caravaggio.

Formerly King Jacob I, he was born in Toronto as the first child of Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Kingston, and serves without pay as an Admiral of the Fleet in His Royal Navy.

Personal life

Early life

John was born at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, commonly called Sunnybrook Hospital, in Toronto, Ontario, on 7 June 2003. He is the eldest son of the Duke of Kingston and Susan Garsnell. He weighed 1 pound 11 ounces (0.77 kg), and spent a half of a year in the neonatal intensive care unit. Two years later, his sister, the Duchess of Concord was born.

Though John grew up with his family being Catholic, he is an Anglican. He was baptized on 22 April 2018, and confirmed on 20 January 2019 by the Right Reverend Charles Masters, alongside Sir John Timpson, and the Lady Smith.

He formerly lived at Concord Palace working as a customer service employee at a supermarket before moving to Wabasso. He took work for six months as a machine operator at a local firearm factory. He currently works at a quick service restaurant in the area, as well as taking courses at the local college.


John is proficient in ten programming languages, and two markup languages, as he has been programming since he was 10. He knows HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, Visual Basic, BASIC, Microsoft C#, C++, Java, Batch, Markdown, and Wikitext. He has used these skills to form the crown corporation Dossier, which has programmed their website, and also manufactures military uniforms.


The late Stella, perched on the shoulder of King John.

Fond of animals, John grew up with multiple cats, the most recent being George, who died on 21 January 2022. He enjoyed the company of Bailey, a Havenese dog and mascot of His Royal Navy, age 16, prior to his move. Stella, the second fancy rat he's owned, died around 6:00pm EST on 4 July 2020.[1] He now lives at Wabasso House, connected with Towerhill Farms, a cattle farm in Wabasso with Max, a German Shepherd puppy, adopted after the death of Cisco, the former mascot of the Baustralian Medical Branch and a german shepard of 12 years.


A fan of country music, John plays acoustic guitar. Inspired by the likes of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Buck Owens, he started playing guitar at age six. At age fourteen, he drastically improved his skills as a guitar player, playing a worship song on Christmas for his church.

Also a fan of classic rock, exposed to by his father, he enjoys the music of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Van Halen. In terms of Christian music, while still liking the contemporary variety, he prefers traditional music such as gospel and hymns. For a point in his childhood, he experimented with a drumset, but never pursued this.

His favourite country song is Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash, and favourite Christian song is How Great Thou Art.

Military career

John serves as an Admiral of the Fleet, and ceremonially holds the equivalent ranks within the other forces. He is the titular head of the navy as Lord High Admiral, and Commander-in-Chief of the Baustralian Armed Forces as a whole.[2]

John in uniform at the 2018 cadet annual ceremonial review
John in Baustralian naval uniform at Wabasso House

John, outside of his reign, was a Sea Cadet in Canada, and held the rank of Chief petty officer cadet, 1st class and the appointment of Coxswain. He previously held the appointments of master-at-arms, deputy coxswain, stores man, divisional petty officer, and boatswain's mate.[2]

He has received the award for Best Junior Cadet at the Annual Ceremonial Review, two months after joining late. The next year, he won the Best Junior NCO award, as well as the Best Personal Drill award.

He has received the qualifications for CANSail1, and Standard First Aid and CPR C. He also received the cadet levels of Distinguished Marksman, and Excellence Fitness incentive. In July 2017, John attended the Basic Drill and Ceremonial course and in July 2018, he attended the Drill and Ceremonial Instructor course. He aged out of the cadet organization on his 19th birthday.

He also is a Master Artisan of the Gradonian Armed Forces and a Major in the Gradonian Foreign Legion. He held the ranks of Captain-general of the Quebec Marines, Marshal of His Royal Air Force, a Captain general of His Royal Marines, a Captain in Their Royal Navy of Rmhoania, and a Vice admiral in His Majesty's Navy.[2]

On 25 November 2019, he was appointed Commander of the Imperial Navy North American Command, and in December 2019, John I accepted an honourary commission as Admiral within the Molossian Navy after completing studies at Spyglass Hill.[3]


His reign (the Jacobean era in Baustralian history) saw the Bill of Rights, Constitution and Justice Act (1 John 1 c. 1) being passed, which was repealed by the Repeal Act (2 John 1 c. 1) and replaced by the Constitution Act (c. 2). His reign also saw the Baustralian Conquest, which doubled the land of Baustralia, and also made himself four dominions, one of which used to be Baustralian land.

It also saw the 2019 Kapresh constitutional crisis where the vice president of Kapreburg, deputizing for the absent president in an attempt to cause Baustralia to fail, gave the Crown the Republic of Kapreburg. This was unconstitutional under the Kapresh constitution which made this an illegal annexation, starting a war with the government of the Republic of Kapreburg. The land was set to be returned after Parliament passed the Kapreburg Act (2 John 1 c. 13), and was returned officially on 24 April 2019.

Described by John as the most eventful year yet, his reign in 2020 saw the COVID-19 pandemic, the Baustralian Civil War, and the official end to the Baustralian War. Prior to the 2020 Baustralian general election, he saw the announcement of long-time friend and 1st Prime Minister, Sir John Timpson, that he will not be running for a fourth term as Prime Minister, before being defeated by one vote in the 2020 Conservative leadership election by Sir Nick Sullivan set about by Aidan McGrath, later declared a persona non-grata.

King John has not yet been coronated, and the coronation was planned to take place by July 2020. This was abandoned due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is postponed until further notice[4]. It was been speculated that the coronation will take place by late 2022, then with the death of Elizabeth II and acension of Charles III, it was rumoured the coronation would take place shortly after Charles' coronation. John I has granted assent to 274 Acts of Parliament, and is on his 6th year of reign.

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles, and styles

Standards and arms

Royal Arms of Baustralia.svg
Royal Arms of Ostreum.svg
Royal Arms of Wangatangia.svg
Royal coat of arms of the Whiskey Islands.svg
Coat of arms as King of Baustralia
Coat of arms as King of Ostreum
Coat of arms as King of Wangatangia
Coat of arms as King of Whiskey Islands


Ribbon bars worn by John
Ribbon bar of the Royal Family Order of King John I.svgRibbon bar of a knight-lady of the gadus.svgRibbon bar of a Knight of the Oyster.svgOBauE.svg
Ribbon bar of the Baustralian Order of Merit.svgSKB.svgOW.svgRibbon bar of the Order of Saint George.svg
BTA***.svgRibbon bar of the Military Medal of Merit.svgRibbon bar of the Minty Medal.svgBD.svg
Baustralian War Victory Medal**.svgLNMY.svgLNFX.svgRibbon bar of the Order of the Blood.svg

John used to be a Stranger Knight of the Order of the Diaconus, but due to many land claim disputes lost and regain the order. On 15 January 2019, the King of Ikonia was made aware that John believed that Ikonia's colony, Astrax unfairly claimed Fox Islands land, this dispute leads to John annexing all of Fox Islands, which resulted in him ultimately losing the Order. Almost two months later, on 2 March 2019, he was reinstated. On 4 April 2019, the news of the foundation of the Dominion of Kapreburg caused the King of Ikonia to revoke the Diaconus of John once again.

Military ranks

 Baustralia Baustralia-Navy-O10-infobox.svg Admiral of the Fleet, 34883 His Royal Navy
Baustralia-Army-O10-infobox.svg Field Marshal Baustralian Army
 Gradonia Gradonia-Marines-Master Artisan (infobox).svg Master Artisan Gradonian Marines
Gradonia-Rangers-Master Artisan (infobox).svg Master Artisan Gradonian Rangers
Gradonia-Legion-OF 4 (infobox).svg Major Gradonian Legion
 Ikonia Ikonia-08-infobox-navy.svg Vice admiral His Majesty's Navy
 Molossia Admiral Molossian Navy
 Vishwamitra General (Vishwamitra) - rotated.svg General Royal Vishwamitran Army
Ranks in bold denote service ranks, rather than ceremonial ranks


These are the ceremonial dress uniforms worn by John.


Ancestors of John of Baustralia
8. Rocco Caravaggio
4. John Caravaggio
9. Marita Bowers
2. John, Duke of Kingston
10. G.H. D'Arcy Cooke
5. Catherine, Marchioness of Douro
11. Doris Windsor
1. John of Baustralia
6. Robert, Viscount of Gruene
3. Susan, Duchess of Kingston
14. Ray Fleming
7. Rita, Viscountess of Gruene
15. Nina Payne



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John I
Born: 7 June 2003
Regnal titles
New title King of Baustralia, and of the Baustralian Realms
20 June 2017 – present
Heir presumptive
John, Duke of Kingston
Emperor of Ostreum
14 April 2018 - 28 December 2020
Deimperialization of Ostreum
King of Kapreburg
Retains style of King Emeritus
2 April 2019 - 24 April 2019
Title next held by
Jackson I
Military offices
New title Commander in Chief of the Baustralian Armed Forces
2 July 2017 - present
Heir presumptive
John, Duke of Kingston
Title last held by
Sir John Timpson
Lord High Admiral
12 March 2018 - present
New title Chief of the Naval Operations
of the Naval Service of the Quebec Republic

24 January 2019 - 10 April 2019
New title Chief of the Naval Staff
of Kapreburg

26 July 2019 - present
Chief of the General Staff
of Kapreburg

26 July 2019 - present
Chief of the Air Staff
of the Kapreburg

26 July 2019 - present
Preceded by
Vice Admiral Sir Nick F.
Commander of the Imperial Navy North American Command Imperial Navy dissolved by Act of Parliament
Heraldic offices
New title King of Arms
10 March 2018 - 14 December 2018
Succeeded by
Duke of Northumbria
Political offices
New title Marshal of the League of Nations
19 December 2018 - present
Order of precedence
First Orders of precedence of the Baustralian Empire Succeeded by