John Sager

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John Sager, one of the first Shirerothian citizens before leaving for an extended many year absence, returned to Shireroth in August 2005 with the hope of bringing his recently created idealistically nation, Comstokia, under Shirerothian control.

From Irvine, California John only played Civilization II and football for PC. A former Civ I and Civ II adict, John went to school with Scott Alexander, founder of the Apollo Sector and former Kaiser of Shireroth. Through Scott's advice, John visited Apolyton Civilization site as they both enjoyed the Civilization series. It was in this context outside of English class in Irvine, that John Sager was introduced to micronations by Scott Alexander. His interest in micronations soon reached high levels, but would vary over the years. This time of introduction is around November or December 1999, Scott and John's sophomore year in High School.

Around this time, John's friend from Connecticut who moved to the Houston area, David F, became active in the infrastructure area of micronations. At one point or another John Sager has been a citizen of the following nations: Audentior (many variations), Automatic for the People (all successor states), The Republic of Blackrock, The Republic of Flanders, The Principality of Alameigh, Shireroth, Florencia,Istvanistan, the Flying Islands of Jasonia, The Kingdom of Tulsa, Attera, The Commune of Paramount, The Republic of Lavalon, the California Republic, the Hertugi of Comstokia,Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia , Hau'oli 'Ena, Tymaria, the Union of Apollo States, the Rasinate, Rodinia, and many more.