Juan Cisneros

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Juan Cisneros
President of Aswington
Assumed office
29 May 2021
Vice PresidentSander Koff
Preceded bySimbach A. Vazo
Primate of Holy Violet Church
In office
25 January 2018 – 18 October 2018
Preceded byBabolus
Succeeded byHyacinth
Chairman of the Aswington Olympic Committee
Assumed office
15 February 2020
Preceded byOffice established
Personal details
Born22 November 1999 (1999-11-22) (age 23)
Ciudad Guayana, Bolivar State, Venezuela
Political partyNational Democratic Party

Juan Cisneros (born 22 November 1999) is a micronationalist. He is the founder of the Republic of Aswington, and currently serves as President of the country since its founding and independence.

Early life

Micronational career

Interested in micronations, he founded on 3 May 2017, the then Republic of Tagtabazar, an autonomous republic within the Popular Union of Occitania. In addition to being governor of the autonomous republic, he served as Minister. On 15 January 2018, he was sworn in as President after winning the victory in the presidential elections, however, his term lasted for several months until the dissolution of the Union.

Following the dissolution of the Union on 28 October 2018, it formed a provisional government in the autonomous republic, guaranteeing its existence and in turn gaining its independence. A year later, he was elected President, a position he currently holds.

During some months of 2021, he withdrew from the Presidency for personal reasons; Simbach A. Vazo took over on an interim basis.

In addition to serving as President, he held other positions in the government. He is chairman of the Aswington Olympic Committee, since his foundation.


He is founder and current leader of the National Democratic Party, one of the most important parties in Aswington.

Political views

Cisneros maintains an independent and neutral position with respect to the various political ideologies.

Titles, styles and honours


Ribbon Country Honour Date Post-nominal
Uppo4.png Nova-Occitania Knight of the Order of the Occitan Cross [1] 30 July 2017 KOC
Deuxiemeclasseviolette.png Nova-Occitania Deuxième Classe of the Order of the Violette 3 November 2019 DCV
Ribbon bar of the Order of the Lotus (Grand Cross).svg Vishwamitra Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Lotus [2] 1 January 2021 GCL
Order of the Mongkol Samphan(Huai Siao1)-ribbon.png Huai Siao Knight of the Most Auspicious Order of the Mongkol Samphan 4 February 2021 ม.ส.
Ribbon bar of the Decoration of Honour Personnel (Huai Siao).svg Huai Siao First Class of the Decoration of Honour for Personnel 4 February 2021 ค.ก.
Order of Queensland Friendship - Ribbon.svg Queensland Knight Grand Collar of the Most Noble Order of Queensland Friendship 7 February 2021 KGCQF
Order of the Queen Elizabeth II - (KGCQE).svg Queensland Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of Queen Elizabeth II 13 February 2021 KGCQE
Ribbon of Order of the Three Builders of Queensland.svg Queensland Knight Grand Cross with Collar of the Most Honourable Order of the Three Builders of Queensland 13 February 2021 KGCTBQ
Order of Diplomatic Service Merit - Ribbon (Special Class).svg Vishwamitra Member Special Class of the Order of Diplomatic Service Merit 8 June 2021 MDS
Ribbon bar of the Commemorative Medal of the First Anniversary of the Vishwamitran Monarchy.svg Vishwamitra Recipient of the Commemorative Medal of the First Anniversary of the Vishwamitran Monarchy 8 June 2021
Order of the Gatfar - Knight-Lady - Riboon.svg Queensland Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Gatfar 26 June 2021 KG
Order of the Helmond-Bernhard - Grand Cordon - Ribbon.svg Queensland Knight Grand Cordon of the Most Exalted Order of the Royal House Helmond-Bernhard 26 June 2021 KGCHB
Order of Gillis the Artisan - ribbon.svg Ebenthal Knight of the Order of Gillis 7 September 2021 GOA


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