Kaiser Yarad I

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Line of Kalir

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Progenitor: Los I

Eoin Dornan took the name of Yarad–which translates to "steel"–upon his ascension to the Throne.

Yarad's first act was to create a Wiki Standards Officer and appointed the position immediately to James Raine. He also signed a treaty between Shireroth and Gotzborg, one which did little beyond mutual recognition between the two nations.

Yarad's reign also saw the fall of Brookshire, the rise of Elwynn–and the end of the old feudal structure. His Imperial Decree 200 created a new feudal structure–known now as the New Feudalism–which unfortunately caused Gryphon the Pure and Osmose to leave, for the same reason but in drastically different styles.

Soon after, Yarad abdicated the throne to James Raine, who took the name Kaiseress Semisa I.

Imperial Decrees Made By This Kaiser: Imperial Decree 191, Imperial Decree 192, Imperial Decree 193, Imperial Decree 194, Imperial Decree 195, Imperial Decree 196, Imperial Decree 197, Imperial Decree 198, Imperial Decree 199, Imperial Decree 200, Imperial Decree 201, Imperial Decree 202

Preceded by:
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Semisa I