Kaiserreich of Springton

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Second Kaiserreich of Springton
Flag of Kaiserreich of Springton
Motto: Hail to the Chancellor
Anthem: Long Live Springton!
and largest city
Saint Matthews
Official languagesEnglish, German, Dangaro
GovernmentMonarchy/Chancellor Dictatorship
• Kaiser
Kaiser Karl (Pre Operation Puppet)
Erarolol (Operation Puppet)
• Chancellor
John Kocken (Pre Operation Puppet)
N/A (Operation Puppet)
Establishment25th Feb 2020 - 15th July, 2020
1st Nov 2020 - 3rd November 2020
• (as of November, 2020 census) census
CurrencySprington Mark
Time zoneEST

The Kaiserreich of Springton, more commonly known as Springton, is a Micronation in the Rhode Island region of the United States and holds colonies in the Livingston region. The nation was founded on the 25 of February 2020 and has had 3 Leaders during that time. It then become a republic before fully collapsing a few weeks after the Kaiserreich collapsed.

Following November 1, in the final minutes of the day, Charles I has revived this nation to serve as a puppet state to Ela'r'oech.

Politics and government

The Chancellor was the most powerful person in the country and is never elected, but he/she can be deposed as leader if they 2/3's of Parliament vote to depose him.

The Kaiser was a ceremonial and Constitutional Monarch, but has the Power to call for a draft and lead the Military if needed. The Kaiser is also above a Normal Parliament member and is in charge when neither the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor are not present. It is all illegal to insult or disrespect the Kaiser, punishable by jailtime.

The Vice-Chancellor was an elected body with a 1 month term, and no person can run for more then 2 months in a row, but anyone can run for unlimited terms.

As well as a Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor, there was also a Parliament to help vote on matters of the nation. As of 20 May 2020, they was 4 members of the Parliament.

Following Operation Puppet, the Chancellor is now Erarolol and Chancellors can no longer be deposed as leader.

Law and order

The FDIIA handles most of the law and investigates people who may be breaking the law or are convicted of Treason.

Foreign relations

The Kaiserreich of Springton is in a diplomatic alliance with the Republic of the GTP And the 11th Republic of Northway as well as a Members State of the Micronational Assembly.


The Royal Army of the Kaiserreich of Springton is the only branch of the military, As of 5 July, it has been disbanded unless a draft is called by the Kaiser, who would led the Military.

The only conflict the nation has fought in was a Civil War against North Springton, but no battles ever took place.

Geography and climate

The Average Summer Tempeature in the Nation is abut 30 degrees Celsius, an the Average Winter temperture is 6 degrees Celsius.

The number 1 industry by far is the film industry run by Karl Films, with the True Mom series and in Jail being the most popular

Culture and media

The Kaiserreich of Springton has a newspaper and a Radio, both run by the head of media Karl von Bingen

The F.D.I.I.A is the Federal Department of Investigation and Intelligence Agency used as the Investigation Government Agency. So far it hasn’t been involved in any major investigations.

The Springton Civil War

The Springton Civil War was caused by the resignation of Kaiser Karl von Bingen and lasted from the 30th June 2020 until the 5th July. At 16:00 EST, 30 June 2020, Karl resigned as Kaiser, and on the 4th July, 2020, Karl was banished from the nation after a vote. After that, Karl staged an attempted coup on the 5th of July, which after it failed, declared Independence as the Kaiserreich of North Springton at 15:28 from the then Chancellorship of Springton. After that, the nation gains support of Half of the Citizens from Springton, but the nation only lasts a little over 6 hours before falling apart from spies sent by Springton. At 21:33 on The 5th of July, the nation merges back with Springton and Karl was re-coronated as Kaiser of Springton.