Kaos Stock Exchange

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The Kaos Stock Exchange, abbreviated KaSE, is the first stock exchange opened to the Federal Empire of Aarbaro, also transitioning to the Second Empire of Pacem. Companies situated within these nations who sign up on the market are given a unique four-letter abbreviation, and are able to sell shares in Imperils internationally, but also in USD and Imperils in Pacem locally. As of 10 July 2018, the market has seen no success.


Listing Symbol Ɨ/Share Company Value
NerdBros Incorporated NBIC Ɨ5 Ɨ5,754

(All values listed in Pacemian Imperils)

Currency Exchange Rates

Listing Symbol Price
Pacemian Imperil Ɨ US$0.12/€0.10/£0.09