Karantania Special Administrative Region

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Karantania Special Administrative Region
Coat of Arms
Motto: Forward, to Freedom!
Musical Anthem: Hej Brigada
Type of entity: Micronation
Location: North America
Area claimed: n/a
Membership: 31 (2004)
Date of foundation: 3 July 2003
Leadership: Acadame North Government
Purported organizational structure: Elective, Parliamentary Democracy
Language: English, Slovenian
Purported currency: UNAM Dollar


Karantania (Slovenian: Karantanija) is a special administrative region inside the Socialist Federal Republic of Acadame North. Karantania is unique because it is the only administrative region in Acadame North that is autonomous in many ways, including a separate leader and representation inside the Acadame North Federal People's Assembly.

History and Background

Karantania, was originally apart of the Socialist Federation of Koroska but when it split in 2003, Acadame North gave the zone a special privilege. Unlike the Socialist Federal Republic of Acadame North, the Commonwealth of Karantania runs on parliamentary democracy.

On November 30 2006, an agreement was reached at the Kirov Conference between Karantania, Acadame North and Korolev that Karantania would be jointly governed by the two states.


Karantania was granted "special Independence" from Acadame North during reforms. The territory borders Acadame North to the south. Karantania is about a tenth of the size of Acadame North.


The Commonwealth of Karantania is run by a Premier who is appointed by the President of Acadame North. Karantania is free to pass legislation. Health Care and Internal Security is taken care of by Acadame North and Finance and development are taken care of by the UNAM.

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