Karl Friedrich

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Karl Friedrich
No official photo currently.
Prime Minister of Lurk
In office
25 June 2011 - 25 June 2013
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
Kyng of Slin
In office
18 June 2013 - 31 December 2013
Predecessor Solomon Fyrst
Successor André Volfym
President of Lurk
In office
November 2013
Personal information
Born 7th January
Prague, Czech Republic
Citizenship Czech, Lurk, Slin, Austenasian
Ethnicity Czech
Residence Ravensburg
Military service
Nickname(s) Luxor
Allegiance Military of the Lurk Federation Other forms of government of Lurk had no army
Service/branch Strategic Forces
In service 2012 Ceased in 2012
Rank Field Marshall of Lurk Federation
Awards Award of Labour, Navasso-Utopian Ribbon, Hero of Lurk Federation

Karl Friedrich (known as Alex White or Dhesiminnor Karlo I in Domanglia and online as Luxor) is the most prominent Lurkish politician, serving as a President, Prime Minister and as an Archduke. He also held many offices in the nations of the YouTube community, for example President of Libertas, Emperor of Utopia, Supreme Supervisor of Navassa, several offices in the NSSR, etc. He was also the Kyng of Slin known as Kyng Second or Kyng Friedrych (also Kyng Karl). He was involved in re-establishing Slin from March 2012 and was a deputy before he was elected as a Kyng. Currently, he is the Lord Temporal of Mercia and Baron of Aurora.

Currently, he is a tech administrator and co-owner of MicroWiki.


Discovery of micronationalism

Karl Friedrich first discovered micronationalism in 2009 through a magazine, which had an article about several micronations, such as Hutt River and the NSK state, and including some Czech micronations (mostly tourist attractions, however). He was inspired, and he and his father proclaimed a nation and Karl was tasked with appointing ministers. Except that, nothing much has been done for the nation, except claiming the today's Redwood City.


Karl founded Lurk on 25 June 2011, after he found the YouTube community. He was amazed by the activity of the community and it seemed fun and not very hard to join, so he gave it a try. As any other nation of the YouTube community, he needed land, flag, government and anthem. He chose Lurk hills as the perfect territory for a new nation, translated their name into English as best as he could, giving name to the nation - Lurk. Lurk was supposed to be a socialist nation at start, and had a crimson flag with two stars on it. A day later, it was decide that republic would be far better, and the Republican Standard, the blue-white-blue flag, was created. Lurk entered into diplomatic relations with several nations, such as Flatland, Monovia, etc. He also assumed the position of the Prime Minister, with the president being his friend from the Netherlands. A few days later, Lurk proclaimed neutrality in the Grunkian-New Joneslandish war, and was neutral ever since. Lurk was slowly rising, becoming more known in the YT community and has established informal relations with every nation of the community. However, nearly all of those nations were inactive a few months later, leading to the demise of the YT community. He discovered MicroWiki through Monovia and Flatland, and decided to write a short article about Lurk soon after.


On 30 January 2016, Friedrich was made a non-residential subject of the Empire of Austenasia upon the creation of the Austenasian Territory of Aurora, of which he was appointed Governor. On 20 January 2018, he was appointed to the Austenasian Senate as one of its founding members by Emperor Jonathan I, who on 29 January later that month also appointed Friedrich as Chancellor. In a Cabinet reshuffle on 20 March 2019, Friedrich was transferred to the position of Home Secretary.

Full title

In Lurk

Alex White, First President of the Noble Republic of Lurk

In Mercia, Loringia and Ravensburg

His Lordship Karl Wilhelm Franz Friedrich I. von Ravensburg, by the Grace of God, Lord of Mercia, Archduke of Loringia, Prince of Ravensburg, Baron of Aurora, Lord of the Gnomes, Emperor of Utopia.

Σ σ ΣέσΛ (Loringian)

In Slin

Karl Friedrich, I, Karl Wilhelm Franz Freidrich I. von Ravensburg, Vyceroy of Lurk, Emperor of Utopia, Archduke of Lurk, Governor of Acrest, Baron of Wilhelmsburg and Ambassador of Flandrensis to Czech Republic
Bold indicates titles dropped since the signing of the constitution.


Ribbon bars of Karl Friedrich