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The Katolicism was the state religion of the Sovereign Kingdom of Kivinesaar, established and "invented" by the Princess Liisi, on April 9, 2011. Imagined as a "bastardized version of the Roman Catholicism" It was conducted by the Kivinesaarian Pope, designated by the Kivinesaarian monarch. The function of the Pope was intended for leading the faith and the religious ceremonies.

It was abolished by the Pope Calixtus I (which denounce it as an "heresy") on October 26, 2020, in the same time as the dismantling of the Kivinesaarian pontifical function.

Kivinesaari Katolic Church

Founder Princess Liisi
Founded 9 April 2011
Disestablished 26 October 2020
Pope Calixtus I (Last)
Headquarters Barakk
Territory Sovereign Kingdom of Kivinesaar
Language English
Adherents 0
Status Defunct and abolished


Pontificate of the Pope John (2011-2020)

Appointed by Princess Liisi, the Pope John was submitted to her and didn't wrote and didn't make anything. There isn't proofs that he did something on the Katolicism.

Doubts go so far as to wonder if the figure of Pope John was not fictitious (unlike his successor), explaining his inactivity, and that of the religion of which he was supposed to be the leader.

Pontificate from April 9, 2011 to October 25, 2020 (9 years, 6 months and 16 days).

Pontificate of the Pope Calixtus (2020)

Remus Peroni, aware of the potential danger that the false religion of Katolicism could create, decided to take the pontifical throne from Pope John and to act his succession based on a banal modification of the dedicated paragraph. This modification having met with no opposition, Remus Peroni officialized the transmission of the title of "Pope of Katolicism" and adopted the name "Calixtus", in honor of the Roman Pope Calixtus II, who was Archbishop of Vienna in 1088.

The next day, Pope Calixtus took action. He spent the entire day writing his enthronement speech, "Nos Conscientiam," in which he announced the dissolution of Katolicism and explained the reasons for this decision. He also wrote his only "motu proprio", called "Inter Unionem", in which he officially declared the dissolution of false religion, as well as the suppression of the pontifical function, which made him voluntarily renounce papal prerogatives.

He thus ended his one-day pontificate, in which he did much more, both morally and physically, than his predecessor, who did nothing in a pontificate of almost ten years.

Pontificate from October 25, 2020 to October 26, 2020 (1 day).

Papal documents of H.H. Calixtus

File:Pope Calixtus - Enthronement speech Nos Conscientiam.pdf

File:Pope Calixtus - Motu Proprio - Inter Unionem - Dissolution of Katolicism.pdf