Kiemer's Oligarchy Parliament

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Kiemer's Oligarchy Parliament
Polstowian legislature
KOP's logo
HousesHouse of Lords
House of Representatives
House of Commons
Founded3rd May 2022
Preceded byKPRP
Emil I, Social democrat
since 14 February 2023
Vice president/governor
David Griffiths, Social democrat
since 14 February 2023
Senior speaker
Stephen P, Environmentalist
since 14 February 2023
Next election
12 August 2023
Meeting place
Stephsire, Polstowia

Kiemer's Oligarchy Parliament (abbreviated to KOP) is the legislature of the Republic of Polstowia. The government is led by the prime minister who confirms the ideal or proposal commences. KOP has had a social democratic party in power since February 2023.


KOP was first made on the 3rd of May in 2022, the government was first called 'KGRR' at first (Kiemer's great republic of ranks), KOP wasn't a government, it was created for citizens to obtain jobs within the nation, more referred as a rank system. On the 19th of October, Polstowia announced the new regime would be a constitutional monarchy. From then KOP has taken influence from the United Kingdom. At this time, KOP had a major change in it's ideal. It was going to be Polstowia's official parliament, with the rank system beside it. The new name was KOPR (Kiemer's Oligarchy Parliament & ranks. Later on, the rank system was demolished, the 'R' on the abbreviation was removed because of this. On the 12 of March, Polstowia's whole regime was changed to a presidential republic. On the 15th to 16th of March, the monarchy was fully demolished.


The Polstowian government is the highest branch within Polstowia executing any bills or orders. Declaration of war or diplomatic relations are down to KOP's decision. The people of Polstowia have rights to disagree with the government's choice. If so, they must have a proper reason. If most Polstowians agree, the act will be disbanded.

National powers

  • The power to appoint (and in theory, dismiss) a president. This power is exercised by the House of Lords.
  • The power to appoint and dismiss other ministers.
  • The power to assent to and enact laws by the citizens assent, which is required for a law to become effective.
  • The power to pardon any conviction.
  • The power to grant, cancel and annul any honours.
  • The power to create corporations (including the status of being a city, with its own corporation).

Foreign powers

  • The power to make and ratify treaties, regulations.
  • The power to declare war and conclude peace with other nations.
  • The power to deploy the Armed Forces overseas.
  • The power to recognise states.
  • The power to credit and receive diplomats.

Departments & Political parties


Under the Polstowian system, the government is split under houses. Each house are lined with a certain set of ranks, this ranks are based from how much power they have in the government.

House of lords - the House of Lords is the highest cabinet in Polstowia. It plays a crucial role within the nation because of the ranks it holds.

Ranks in the House of lords
Rank Name Position
President Emil P Leader of the nation, confirms the way the nation is put if Polstowians say ‘aye’.
Governor David Griffiths Vice leader, if the leader is out of the nation, the governor will temporarily take place.

Suggests ideas for the leader to follow.

Councillor Valerie D Member of the highest cabinet, 3rd leader of the organization for Polstowian meetings.
Senior speaker Stephen P Sends proposals through from citizens.

House of Representatives - The House of Representatives is the second highest chamber within the nation. This house holds the ranks which are somewhat necessary in KOP.

Rank Name Position
Junior speaker Stephanie P Vice speaker for the citizens, helps out on the senior’s behalf.
Head of Chancellery Vacant Head of the Polstowian Chancellery, follows the highest cabinet. Assists the Presidency of the government on ideals.

House of commons - The House of Commons is the lowest house in Polstowia. The house of commons is the cabinet for minsters and the duke and duchess of the capital alongside them. This specific cabinet has no duty within the government.


The Polstowian political system is a one party system where only one party can run the way Polstowia is represented. Since 14th of February (when all parties were made) in 2023, the dominant party has been the Social Democracy Party. Before political parties where founded in Polstowian politics, Polstowia was defined under one ideology.

Party Founded Political position Ideology Seats

(estimated - 2023)

Social Democracy Party 2023 Centre-left Social Democracy
9 / 20
Communist Party 2023 Left wing Commuism
4 / 20
Environmentalist Party 2023 Left wing

Green Poltics

4 / 20
Cultural Nationalist Party 2023 Right wing Cultural Nationlism
5 / 20

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