Kiemer's Navy of Polstowia (KNP)

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Kiemer's Navy of Polstowia
Naval flag
Active29th of October 2022 - Present
CountryRepublic of Polstowia
AllegianceKOPR Government
RoleNaval force
Size10 personnel
2 Naval fleet reserve
4 commissioned boats
Commander house Dashelton
Colours  Polstowain blue
Commander-in-chief President Emil
AdmiralDavid Griffiths
Vice AdmiralSandy S
Naval ensign

The Kiemer's Navy of Polstowia (KNP) is Polstowia's only source of military. Containing Kayaks mostly used in Isles of Scilly's coast (Atlantic Ocean). This is usually done in Tresco, exploring and bringing back different pieces of material from different scattered islands.


KNP was created on the 29th of October in 2022, after the President went to see Dashelton that year. Since then KNP has been doing the same process of collecting materials under the Admiral.


KNP has only done explorations around this section Isles of Scilly and will continue to do so until bigger boats are available to collect.

War of Suttieton

After the conflict in June to July in 2022, Polstowia declared for Suttieton to write a treaty to be under Polstowian control but all is to be condemned. During this war, the use of the navy was set aside until the war was over.

Naval Bases

The KNP currently uses 2 naval bases in Isles of Scilly. closest to Tresco's harbours. This is located both in St Mary's and St Agnes, these bases are more commonly known as Dashelton and Troyistor.

Exploring islands near Tresco on Isles of Scilly (August 2022)


In KNP, the Vice Admiral is responsible for use of boats for any operation that is justified by the Government. This can be exercised at one of Tresco's 4 harbours.

On the 2nd February 2023, KNP did their own race around Samson.

Rank Name Position
Admiral David Griffiths General at sea, head of the Navy.
Vice Admiral Sandy S Fleet Commander, second in command
Brigadier Stephen P 1st Commander at sea
Commander Louis I of Karnidid 2nd Commander at sea
Lieutenant Mark P Head of department
Senior lieutenant Vacant Head of divisions