Ian I of Camuria

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Ian I
Royal Crest of Camuria
King of Camuria
Reign27 December 1993 - 2 July 2007
Coronation28 December 1993
SuccessorIan II
Title Period2 July 2007 - Incumbent
Assumed2 July 2007
PredecessorTitle Established
Born22 January
Liverpool, UK
IssueIan II, of Camuria
Robyn, Crown Princess of Camuria
HouseHouse of Forrest
FatherKing Frederick
MotherQueen-Consort Edith

Ian I (Ian John; later The King-Father; born 22 January 1958) served as the second King of Camuria, after succeeding his father, Frederick, of Camuria on 27 December 1993 until his final abdication from the Camurian throne on 2 July 2007.

Before his accession to the throne on 27 December 1993 he was the first to hold the title of Crown Prince of Camuria from 1958 until 1993, holding the title longer than any other Crown Prince/Princess since the founding of Camuria. He also served in the Royal Camurian Army from 1978, attaining the rank of General in 1987, and later retiring from active service in 1992. One year into his reign Ian I made history, by founding the Parliament of Camuria, to govern the kingdom alongside him, giving those citizens and subjects of the crown greater representation and autonomy in government.

Early life

Ian I was born on 22 January 1958, at Everton Valley in Liverpool, England. Son of King Frederick and the Queen-Consort of the time. As the son of the sovereign Ian was officially styled as, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Ian of Camuria from birth and is currently the longest serving Crown Prince since the title was created, as well as the first. Ian attended a series of state schools in Liverpool all of his younger life, before leaving at the age of 16.

Military career

Throughout his military career the Crown Prince worked alongside his brother, Prince Ronald to reform the Armed Forces, and in 1981 they passed a joint bill called the Miliarty Charter to King Frederick, whom after much deliberation enactted the Charter on 2 May 1981 and purchased the H.M.S King Frederick and the H.M.S Astounding. The Royal Camurian Army also saw large expansion projects, which the Crown Prince oversaw the completion of. After marrying in 1988 and becoming a father, he became less involved in pushing for advancement of the Armed Forces and he retired from the Royal Camurian Army in 1992, making him one of the longest serving military officers in Camurian history.


After the death of King Frederick, the Crown Prince ascended the throne as King Ian on 19 January 1994 with the presence of the enitre Royal Family and Peerage. Early in his reign the King established the Parliament of Camuria, to act as the democratic body and voice of the people to the sovereign. His son, the Crown Prince Ian was born and announced as the heir presumptive to the throne upon the kings demise. In the latter half of his reign the king withdrew from government and it was generally seen that the all-powerful monarch had abandoned the nation. With the withdrawal of the monarch, the Crown Prince was sometimes referred to as the Crown Prince Regent, though incorrectly.

The Parliament of Camuria took upon itself to govern the state solely, with little interference from the sovereign, but the Crown Prince Ian had a series of confrontations with a number of Ministry's, and in one case the First Minister was forced to resign after a period of tensions between the Royal Family and the Cabinet. The roles of the sovereign were adopted by a number of Royal's, after appointment by the King.


On 1 July 2007, Ian summoned the Cabinet to meet, where he declared his intention to abdicate the throne, in place of his son, Crown Prince Ian. The king then presented the Declaration of Abdication to the Cabinet, awaiting the signatures of both the king and the First Minister as witness, respectively. The King then broadcast the abdication to the nation on the morning of 2 July 2007 and declared his son to be King Ian II of Camuria in his place as monarch.

Later life

Upon Ian's abdication in 2007 the previous King, now the King-Father, withdrew from public life, almost completely, in Camuria and is usually only seen during major occasions and festivals, attending alongside the King-Emperor and other members of the Royal Family, but he, nor his wife adopted any public offices or official roles. In 2008 the King-Father was a leading figure in the green movement, but when the campaign lost support the King-Father was unable to bring it back and it eventually ran out of funding. The King-Father and his wife currently reside in the Camurian Royal Residence alongside the sovereign.

Titles, styles and honours

Titles and styles

  • 22 January 1958 - 27 December 1993 :- His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Ian of Camuria
  • 27 December 1993 - 2 July 2007 :- His Majesty King Ian of Camuria
  • 2 July 2007 - Incumbent :- His Royal Highness Ian the King-Father