Monarchy of Austranthium

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Monarchy of Austranthium
Charles I
since 1 December 2021
StyleHis Majesty
First monarchCharles I
Formation1 December 2021
ResidenceRoyal Palace, Oppidia

This is a list of monarchs of Austranthium since 2021, after the constitution established the role of the monarch. The first monarch of Austranthium was Charles I. The Monarch is in command of the Armed Forces of Austranthium.

2021 Power gain

Nine days after his coronation on 1 December 2021, King Charles I announced that he would not relinquish most of his powers and to not be guided by the Prime Minister's recommendations on most matters.

Full Royal Title of the Austranthean Monarch

"Most High, Most potent, and Most excellent Prince, by the Grace of God and the constitution of the Kingdom, King of Austranthium, Most Christian Majesty, Charles the First King, King of the Faithful, Grand Founder of Austranthium."

Budget allocation to monarchy

Annual budget allocation to monarchy is 500 USD

List of monarchs of Austranthium (2021–present)

Royal standards

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