Monarchy of Bradonia

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King of Bradonia
Brayvenric I
StyleHis Royal and Serene Majesty
Heir presumptiveBrienaia, Crown Princess of Bradonia.
First monarchBrayvenric I
Formation10 October 2020
ResidenceTsarstrina Palace, Tseleberna

The Bradonian Monarchy, legally known as the Crown is a constitutional institution and the highest position of authority within the Kingdom of Bradonia. The Bradonian Monarchy comprises the reigning monarch and his or her family members alongside the members of the House of Lavender. The Bradonian Monarchy is a hereditary, absolute monarchy, where the monarch is both the head of state and the head of government of the Kingdom of Bradonia. The Monarch of Bradonia is the highest political and sovereign authority within the Kingdom of Bradonia and possesses absolute authority in how Bradonia is governed and administered. The Monarch, alongside this, also takes on executive, legislative, judicial, diplomatic, religious, and ceremonial duties within the Kingdom of Bradonia.

The first, and current reigning Monarch of Bradonia is King Brayvenic I , who assumed the throne on October 10th, 2020, after the transition into a constitutional monarchy due to the collapse and eventual reorganization of the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia into the Kingdom of Bradonia. Originally, the King of Bradonia was a constitutional monarch, however, over time, the King transitioned into a more powerful and autocratic role, due to democracy and neo-liberalism being despised in Bradonia.

Powers and Duties

The King of Bradonia in accordance with the Bradonian Constitution is obligated to perform and engage in many executive, legislative, judicial, and ceremonial functions as both the head of state and the head of government of the Kingdom of Bradonia. The King of Bradonia unlike in most constitutional monarchies, possess sovereign power, and along with it, absolute power, possessing complete authority over the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, however, despite this, the King has assistance with governing both the legislative and judicial branches, whilst still being very powerful.

The King's powers and obligations in accordance with the Bradonian Constitution are as follows:

  • Being the official head of state and government of the Kingdom of Bradonia.
  • Proposing and enforcing legislation either through Royal Mandates or through Legislation of his own.
  • Appointing the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor, the Lords of Parliaments, the Governors and the Lieutenant Governors of Bradonia.
  • Appointing members of the Bradonian Privy Council.
  • Being the spiritual head of the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia and the Holy Bradonic Violet Church.
  • Convening and Dissolving the Kronstag, and the Privy Council at his own will.
  • Being the Commander and Chief of the Bradonian Self Defense Force.
  • Having the ability to declare war, make peace, and conclude treaties.
  • Performing ceremonial functions, such as ennoblement, and giving ranks of honor.
  • Being able to grant amnesty, pardon, and commutation of punishments and rehabilitation.
  • Making final judicial decisions, when the Bradonian Supreme Court is not able to.
  • Any other administrative or ceremonial duties that are not specifically listed here, but are common to Absolute Monarchs.

List of Bradonian Monarchs

# Portrait Name Term of office Political affiliation
1 150px Brayvenic I 16 April 2021 Present Apolitical
King Brayvenric is the founding father and current reigning sovereign of Bradonia, who has been the leader of Bradonia since its creation. During the "Corona Era of 2020" Bradonia under Lord Bernhardt was considered a very weak state, with an awful diplomatic record, alongside its awful weak government which plagued it, due to the minister's under Brayvenric failing to meet expectations. The "Averse Era of 2021" was also not better, due to the same problems, however, Brayvenric began to make changes that better benefited Bradonia, such as installing a monarchy, and actively running the government, alongside other nation-building tactics, which eventually made Bradonia a semi-stable state by the " Proficient Era of 2022" which saw an isolated Bradonia, perform much better, and even become one of the most powerful nations within the Texas sector. Today Brayvenric leads Bradonia as a competent proficient leader, who seeks to maintain a strong and stable Bradonia.