Kingdom of Amethonia

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The Kingdom of Amethonia, officially Amethonia is a micro-national kingdom that was founded by Ernest Emmanuel, of the House of Brownburg, (later Brownburg - Amethonia), on February 12, 2011.

Kingdom of Amethonia
Flag of Amethonia
Coat of arms of Amethonia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Peaceful and Prosperity "
StatusMicro-national kingdom
Official languagesEnglish
Organizational structureConstitutional monarchy
• King
Ernest Emmanuel
• Declared
12 February 2011
Purported currencyAmeth
Time zone(Amethonian Standard Time)

Amethonia refers to itself as a "sovereign state" since 2011 and has declared itself to be a state of no war with any other countries since its independence in 2011.


Amethonia was founded by Ernest Emmanuel who declared himself as a King Ernest Emmanuel. Emmanuel's family formed the nation in the House of Brownburg,(later Brownburg-Amethonia).The dated of formed on February 12, 2011.This nation also refers itself as "noble micro-national kingdom".