Kingdom of Arkonia

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The Lands and Realms Constituted in the Nation of the Kingdom of Arkonia
Flag of Kingdom of Arkonia
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Arkonia
Coat of arms
Anthem: Arkonia, Our Home and Land!
and largest city
Arkonia City
Official languagesWorking: English, Latin
Official: English, Latin, French, German
GovernmentFederal-Royal Government
• King of Arkonia
Andrew I & II
LegislatureFederal-Royal Council
Establishment3 December 2019
• as of 20 December 2019 census
Time zone(GMT-6)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Federal Kingdom of Arkonia
Federal Republic of Arkonia
Empire of Arkonia
Arkonian League
Directed Republic of Arkonia
Noble Municipal Republic of Arkonia

The Lands and Realms Constituted in the Nation of the Kingdom of Arkonia, more commonly known as Second Kingdom of Arkonia or simply Arkonia, was a micronation in the United States of America. Created in December 2019, The Kingdom was another iteration of the Arkonian national lineage that began with the establishment of the Federal Kingdom of Arkonia in 2017. The Kingdom was nearly entirely controlled by the absolute monarch Andrew I & II. It was the sole Arkonian state established after the Arkonian Interregnum in late 2019.

Arkonia was established by Federal-Royal Order I in December. The Monarch has, according to Federal-Royal Order I, "absolute executive, legislative, judicial, martial, and arbitrative power". The Federal-Royal Advisory Council has been created, but acts in a solely advisory position, as no legislative power has been delegated to it as of yet.


The name "Arkonia" comes from the American state of Arkansas. The word "Arkonia" has been used throughout the Arkonian national lineage.


The Federal Kingdom

The Federal Kingdom was the first Arkonian nation to be established, declaring its independence on 17 November 2017. Arkonia developed slowly during the years of 2017 and 2018, with only six pieces of legislation (compiled in the Arkonian Book of Bills) being passed throughout the 15-month existence of this nation.

The Federal Kingdom, while the most inactive, was also the most stable. There was little controversy during this time. Many of the later Arkonian nations looked to the Federal Kingdom in an attempt to emulate the relative peace offered by this nation.

The downfall of the Federal Kingdom was ultimately the same reason it had done so well: inactivity. The inactive, only rarely creating law government never was able to pass laws often, as laws needed to be created by the legislature and passed by the monarch. This would not have been a problem, excepting a tradition of the government to only pass laws on paper, and disallowing any legislative functions on a computer. This led the Prime Minister at the time to abolish the monarchy and establish a republic in 2019, establishing a "tradition" of sorts that lasted for the remainder of the year.

The Year of Change

The Republic was, while an improvement of sorts, really just a replacement. Legislation was still created by a legislature and had to approved by a leader (now a Prime Minister instead of a King). No legislation in memory (apart from the Constitution) was passed during the roughly 2-month existence of the Federal Republic.

Following the Federal Republic, the Empire of Arkonia was established. The government of the Empire was far more centralized than the Federal Kingdom or the Federal Republic. In addition, the monarchy created the ability to have nobility, and create the trappings of a royal and monarchial nation.

Being disappointed in the lack of progress, the Emperor at the time decided to dissolve Arkonia until a suitable government could be formed. On 20 April 2019, the Empire came to an end, and the legacy council (the Arkonian League) began its caretaker position over the Arkonian nation.

The Directed Republic of Arkonia was formed on 14 July 2019 in North Carolina on the Davdison College campus, making the Directed Republic the only Arkonian nation to be founded outside of Arkansas. The Government was created with inspiration from the tripartite government of the United States and the government of the People's Republic of China. The government of the Directed Republic was the most active of any Arkonian government, with around 20 pieces of legislation being passed in the roughly 2 and a half month span of rule.

The downfall of the Directed Republc was the fact that the President gave someone else the position of Chancellor, thereby increasing the number of signatures - and therefore the number of different people - needed to get legislation passed. To combat this, a Directive(the name of laws in the Directed Republic) was passed that gave absolute power to the President. This caused many problems, as the president was not sure of what government Arkonia should take, be it republican, royal, or imperial. Eventually, this led to the Arkonian Interregnum, in which a government that may have been republican one day was royal the next.

Eventually, the solution came. According to the now-king of Arkonia, "power must be centralized in one before it can be put in the hands of the masses". The solution was a temporary absolute monarchy that would transition over time to a constitutional monarchy. The current government of the Arkonian national lineage, the Kingdom of Arkonia, came into existence on 3 December 2019.

The Monarchial Restoration

The royalty was returned to power on 3 December 2019, 311 days after the monarchy first fell. The King, His Federal-Royal Majesty Andrew I & II of Arkonia, declared an end to the "incessant government shifts that have plagued our glorious nation this year". The government was declared on 3 December, but the formative decree did not go into effect until 5 December. The King announced an initiative for the year 2020 in Arkonia called the 20/20 Vision, which is a plan to better Arkonia in 20 ways over the year of 2020.

Politics and government

The government of Kingdom of Arkonia was an absolute monarchy. The Federal-Royal Government qas made up of two "branches", the King and the Federal Royal Council, formerly the Federal-Royal Advisory Council.

Law and order

Law was passed by decree of the monarch or by the Federal-Royal Council with the permission of the Monarch. The plans were in the works for the National Statutory Instrument of Arkonian Law, a all-encompassing legal code of sorts that would act as a constitution. On 26 December, the Charter of the Kingdom of Arkonia was created to act as a very basic constitutional document until one could be created.



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