Kingdom of Belaronia

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Kingdom of Belaronia
[[File:{{{image1}}}|125px|border|Flag of Kingdom of Belaronia]]
Motto: Obey and Serve
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
Establishment2 November 2008
CurrencyBelaronian Franc

The Kingdom of Belaronia was a micronation bordering the US state of Indiana and the Empire of Somple. Belaronia was founded on 2 November 2008.

On 2 November 2008, the Kingdom of Belaronia was established, its independence declared in the lobby of a Holiday Inn Hotel. Henri (a descendant of John II of France through John, Duke of Berry), was proclaimed king. The population measured 16 by early 2009.

On 4 March 2009, after the nearby Empire of Somple declared war on the Republic of Molossia, Henri I entered Belaronia into the Somplenese-Molossian War on Somple's side, fulfilling a promise he had made earlier that month to the Somplenese government. By 7 March, Somple and Belaronia had been forced through diplomatic pressure to surrender. The war continued, however, as POMHB - a micronation in between Somple and Belaronia which had declared war on Molossia alongside them - refused to surrender. In order to end the war, Belaronia and Somple invaded and conquered POMHB, partitioning it between them - Belaronia annexed 90% of POMHB whereas Somple recieved only 10%.

On 11 March, Somple's militarist and zealous chancellor Leopold Evans declared war on Belaronia over the amount of territory it had taken from POMHB. During the first battle neither side was able to claim victory, but by 15 March much of POMHB had been occupied by Somple.

As Somplenese forces advanced into Belaronia, areas of Belaronia and POMHB being occupied or invaded by Somple declared independence as the independent states of Ribonia, Callenum and Wakamatsu and declared war on Belaronia, leaving it as a rump state centred around its capital of Henribourg, which was reached by the invading forces on 16 March. A revolt against Henri I broke out the following day - he was deposed and the remaining members of the Belaronian government hid themselves in a secure location before surrendering to Somple on 19 March.

On 22 March, Belaronia became part of the Grand Empire of Fuzzel, merging with Somple, the new states carved out of Belaronia and POMHB during the war, and another nearby micronation named Kurashi.