Kingdom of Biberdamm Monarchy

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King/Queen& Governor General of the New Prussian Colonial Kingdom of Biberdamm
Diana I

Style Her Majesty
Heir presumptive Prince Joseph
First monarch George I
Formation (Timeline: 18 March 1862)
(Real Life: 25 May 2018)

The Monarchy was formed and established the 18th of March 1862. The King/Queen & Governor General is the head of state of Biberdamm. The King/Queen & Governor General can choose his/her heir to the throne as long it is a person within the Imperial family. Right now the Queen & Governor General of Biberdamm is Diana I. The heir to the throne is called the Crown Prince of Biberdamm and the current Crown Prince is Joseph. Due to Joint Decree X.

Powers and duties

The King/Queen & Governor General has the power to

  • Appoint/Vest titles of nobility with approval of the Emperor


  • His/Her Majesty

Line of Succession

Simple gold crown.pngliving members

Simple silver crown.svgdeceased members

Heraldic Royal Crown (Common).svgCurrent Queen

Line of succession

  • Simple silver crown.svg King Lewis II
  • Heraldic Royal Crown (Common).svg Queen Diana I, current Queen & Governor General of Biberdamm and Empress-Grandmother of August IV
    • (1)Simple gold crown.png Crown Prince Joseph of Biberdamm
      • (2)Simple gold crown.png Prince Terlisner
      • (3)Simple gold crown.png Princess Terlisner
      • (4)Simple gold crown.png Princess Terlisner
    • (5)Simple gold crown.png Empress-Mother Ann