Kingdom of Bradonia

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Kingdom of Bradonia
Königreich Bradonien (German)
Motto: "Divine by Right, Serene by Sight!"
Anthem: "Bradonia Forever"
Global Map of Bradonia.png
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
Reformed Presbyterianism
GovernmentUnitary autocratic absolute monarchy
• Monarch
Brady I
• Crown Princess
Brianna Lavender
LegislaturePrivy Council
Establishment history
• Independence from the United States
9 August 2020
• Transition into a constitutional monarchy
10 October 2020
• Transition into an absolute monarchy
1 March 2022
• Total
1 km2 (0.39 sq mi) (220th)
• Water (%)
• 2023 census
CurrencyBradonian Staatmark (Bßm)
Time zoneBCT, BMT
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
day month year
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

Bradonia, officially the Kingdom of Bradonia (German: Königreich Bradonien), and sometimes referred to as the Bradonian Realm, is a self-proclaimed state, that is commonly referred to as a micronation. Bradonia is located within North America and is both surrounded, and landlocked by the United States of America. Bradonia possesses territorial exclaves within both Texas and Colorado, however, it also possesses colonies within the Pacific Coast. Bradonia has a total land area of around 1 km2, and a population of 13, making it one of the least populated and smallest states in the world. The capital and largest city of Bradonia is Tseleryna which acts as the administrative, cultural, and political center of the nation.

Bradonia was originally founded and established on August 9th, 2020, as the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia, which was a highly underdeveloped and politically unstable state, that was governed as a liberal autocracy. However, the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia would ultimately be short-lived lived due to a political crisis that would occur only two months after its formation, which would force the nation's leader Brady I to reorganize the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia into the Kingdom of Bradonia, a constitutional monarchy with Brady I as its first and current King.

After the transition to constitutional monarchy, Bradonia would quickly stabilize its form of government and begin the nation-building process, which would see the successful emergence of a strong sense of national identity and the overall stability of the Bradonian Realm, however, it would not be easy and would come with many struggles both within the micronational community and internally, however, against the odds, Bradonia would successfully endure, and those struggles would only come to boost its strong sense of national identity. Today, Bradonia is a relatively stable nation, that puts a strong emphasis on traditionalism, nationalism, unity, tranquility, eternity, and monarchy, and boasts a strong and unique national identity.

Bradonia, similarly to other micronations, cites the usage of Montevideo Convention as the legal basis to both justify her sovereignty from the United States of America and to justify her right to self-determination. In accordance with the Montevideo Convention, Bradonia fulfills all four requirements to be classified as a sovereign state, but despite this, Bradonia remains unilaterally unrecognized by the United Nations, and additionally, lacks diplomatic relationships with both macronations and micronations, preferring to remain in isolation from the micronational community.


The name Bradonia, was chosen by the founding father, and by the current king, Brady I, who named the country after himself, establishing the nation as Bradonia. Ultimately, the decision for Brady I to use his own name was reflected in the significant roles he played in both the foundation and establishment of Bradonia. Additionally, it is worth noting that the name Brady coincidentally shares similarities with a city in Central Texas called Brady, Texas. However, both Bradonia and Brady, Texas are unrelated, and the similarity in name is merely coincidental.

With cultural terminology, the terms Bradonic and Bradiotic are frequently used to describe and characterize the cultures and people living within Bradonia, alongside the commonly used term Bradonian. This is ultimately reflected in a similar manner to how in Germany, the term Germanic is frequently used to describe and characterize the cultures and people living within Germany, or in some cases is used to describe the predecessor of Germany, Germania.


Establishment and the Bradonian Anschlußes

The Bradonian Realm was originally founded and established on August 9th 2020, as the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia, which was just a small plot of land located within the backyard of the former Sonoma Palace. Bradonia was originally conceived due to the founding father of Bradonia, Brady of Lavender desiring a country to call his own. Later, during the same day, the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia would annex the former Sonoma Palace into the Liberal Autocracy with little resistance, beginning what is considered the First Bradonian Anschluß.

Shortly after the First Bradonian Anschluß, a provisional government would be established with Brady of Lavender as its first dictator and Eire of Lavender as its first chancellor, however, despite this, the provisional government would barely convene and was considered only a formality in all but name. The provisional government after its formation would seek to enforce newly passed legislation made by the dictator, which would legalize all LGBTQ+ communities and relationships and would ban religion from the state due to the strong anti-christian and strong atheist sentiments within the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia at the time. Despite the de jure separation of the head of state and the head of government in Bradonia during the Liberal Autocracy, the dictator, Brady of Lavender would do much of the governing due to the chancellor, Eire of Lavender, lacking an overall interest in governing the nation.

The Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia after its formation, would lay mostly in a state of dormancy for the next few weeks, until an opportunity for territorial expansion was spotted during a trip to the local swimming pool. Brady of Lavender would take advantage of the situation, and use it to justify the annexation of both the local swimming pool and the home of his friend, who would be made the first governor of the newly established Lukas District.

In late August, another opportunity for territorial expansion would suffice, however, this time it would occur on a road trip to Brady of Lavender's grandparents' house, located within the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, however, the dictator's father, just happened to bring a friend around, Brian Stell. Both of these situations would provide the dictator, Brady of Lavender a great opportunity for territorial expansion, and thus beginning the Second Bradonian Anschluß. Brady of Lavender was easily able to take his grandparents' house with much ease, however getting Brian Stell to join would come at a much higher cost. Brian Stell would ultimately join the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia, however in exchange, he requested to be made a duke, however, despite Bradonia not being a monarchy, the request was accepted, and the Duchy of Hutto was formed as an autonomous province of the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia.

Transition Into Constiutional Monarchy

The Flag of the Bradonian Royal Standard

October 8th, 2020 would see the incumbent Chancellor, Erie of Lavender resign her position due to her overall lack of interest in governing the Liberal Autocarcy. She would briefly be succeeded by Brieana of Lavender who would become the Acting-Chancellor of the Liberal Autocracy, however, the writing was on the wall, and it was made relatively clear that the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia couldn't last another month due to the instability of the provisional government that was brought about by the surprise resignation of former chancellor.

Brady of Lavender, the dictator of the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia, seeing no better alternatives would ultimately make the reluctant decision to reorganize the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia into the Kingdom of Bradonia. The Kingdom of Bradonia would be formally established on October 10th, 2020, and would be a constitutional monarchy with the former dictator, Brady of Lavender being crowned as it's the first king, and would later on that same day, appoint Brieana of Lavender who was already the Acting-Chancellor into the Acting-Prime Minister of Bradonia with the role of Chancellor being abolished for the time being.

After becoming King of the Bradonian Realm, Brady of Lavender would begin to schedule democratic elections and would appoint candidates to run for the newly established position of Prime Minister, with elections being heavily inspired by the 2020 US Presidential Elections, with the elections even having an "Electoral College". Erie of Lavender and Darrell of Lavender, due to being the only qualified candidates for holding political office, would run for position of Prime Minister, however, when Erie of Lavender won the election, she declined the premiership saying that she "rather would have a dog as prime minister". As a result, the premiership would lay mostly vacant until April 2021, in which Brady of Lavender would "hold" the Prime Minister position, thus creating a "de facto" absolute monarchy, although still nominally a constitutional monarchy.

Bradonian Breineian-Crisis

The Flag of the now defunct Kingdom of Brienia

Shortly after the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia reformed into the Kingdom of Bradonia, Brady of Lavender would decide to enter into the micronational community on October 23rd, 2020, after finding out about the Republic of Molossia and eventually, the MicroWiki website. Shortly after joining the micronational community, Brady of Lavender would begin construction on a MicroWiki page about the Kingdom of Bradonia.

Around the same period, the Bradonian flag would get a national redesign due to the former Bradonian flag's similar appearance to the flag of the Kingdom of Gradonia. An anonymous user, who wanted to help Brady of Lavender better develop his micronation would give him a flag that he would become very fond of, and that flag would eventually become the current flag of the Kingdom of Bradonia that is still used in the present day. After Brady of Lavender joined the greater micronational community, he would acquire access to new resources and templates which would go a long way towards developing and nation-building Bradonia. Important documents such as a constitution and a re-writing of the Declaration of Independence would be written/rewritten virtually and would make the Kingdom of Bradonia a far more prosperous micronation on paper than it actually was in reality.

Despite these benefits that the micronational community was bringing to Bradonia, it wouldn't take very long for drama to start due to Brady of Lavender learning of a micronation, the Kingdom of Brienia engaging in rather homophobic policies, which would infuriate him. Brady of Lavender would attempt to talk the King of Brienia into revoking his homophobic policies, however, the King of Brienia would make it very clear that he would not revoke his homophobic policies, thus infuriating Brady of Lavender even more. It would result in the king, Brady of Lavender saying █████████████████████████, which would result in him getting suspended from the MicroWiki communications.

That wasn't the end, as another anonymous user wanted to help assist Brady of Lavender in confronting the King of Brienia, and so quickly, both Brady of Lavender and the anonymous user went to confront the King of Breinia. However, when it was revealed that the anonymous user wanted to do much more than confront, Brady of Lavender quickly backed down the next day, and accepted his punishment for saying █████████████████████████ to the King of Breinia.

After the Bradonian-Brienian crisis ended, Brady of Lavender would work to get back into the micronational community, and would formally apologize to Microwiki for saying █████████████████████████ to the King of Breinia. Brady of Lavender would be allowed back onto the MicroWiki communications a mere two weeks later, and would begin the reconstruction of diplomatic relations destroyed during the Bradonian-Brienian Crisis.

After the Bradonian-Brienian Crisis, the Kingdom of Bradonia under Brady of Lavender would join the Micronational Assembly for some time and would represent the Kingdom of Bradonia in the Micronational Assembly. The Kingdom of Bradonia under Brady of Lavender would also attempt to engage in territorial expansion, due to most of the territory being claimed by the Kingdom of Bradonia being mostly illegitimate and hard to control. It would result in Brady of Lavender making a deal with the Jewel Republic to become a puppet state in hopes of receiving new territory for the Bradonian Realm, however, Anthoney, the Emperor of Sasperian and a familiar with Brady of Lavender would convince him out of the deal due to it being made very clear that Bradonia would lose it's sovereignty if such a deal were to ever be implemented. This would ultimately change Brady of Lavender's mind and would revoke the agreement.

Brady of Lavender would also attempt to join the Monmarkian Commonwealth, though he also backed down in favor of much-needed aid, which would better benefit the Bradonian Realm rather than outright annexation.

Harry Island War

The Flag of the Disputed Harry Island Protectorate

Around December 2020 or January 2021, the Kingdom of Bradonia was undergoing the process of implementing more expansionist and imperialist policies, due to the lack of territory it possessed. On a bike ride with the Daines, devoted friends of the House of Lavender, Brady of Lavender discovered a small and marshy island and wished to annex it into the Bradonian Realm, however before he could attempt to annex it, Harry Daine wouldn't allow it due to wanting the island for himself, and so a declaration of war was declared by both Harry Daine and Brady of Lavender, thus beginning the Harry Island War.

The Harry Island War was fought personally between Harry and Brady on Harry Island, with the only battle of the war being the Battle of Harry Island. The Battle of Harry Island saw both Harry and Brady fight with sticks, though no one would be injured in the battle. The Battle of Harry Island would only last a mere five minutes and would result in a stalemate after Alan Daine intervened and broke up the "fight", thus ending the battle in a permanent stalemate and armistice.

The peace treaty, which was supposed to be signed by both parties during lunchtime, never happened due to a change of plans with the Daines and Lavenders, thus preventing peace from ever being signed by both parties. Today, a permanent stalemate and armistice remain on Harry Island, though the war is considered long over, and the island is considered split between the two individuals and remains to be split to the present day.

The Hosenburgian Rebellion

The Flag of the Hosenburgian Empire

The remainder of 2020 and the begging of 2021 would ultimately see the Kingdom of Bradonia face series a of national crises, government instability, and diplomatic humiliations which would ultimately humiliate and delegitimize the Bradonian Realm, one of these national crises would end up being the Hosenburgian Rebellion, formerly the Bradonian Civil-War.

Austanians (Sonomans) living within the Bradonian Realm would ultimately feel disgruntled and dissatisfied with the illegitimate "communist government" that was in power, due to the absurdity of the "communist government" and its incompetencies, as shown when the Grand Duchy of Personoa stole its flag, and the "communist government's" inability to properly enforce order within her territory. However, things would be made much worse by George of Lavender, when he would attempt to coup the "communist government" and attempt to declare the Hosenburgian Empire, with himself as Emperor.

The Hosenburgian Empire wished to replace the Bradonian Realm, essentially attempting to wipe the Bradonian Realm off of the map permanently. "General-Secretary" Brady of Lavender would attempt to rally the people of Austania (Sonoma) to assist him in defeating the Hosenburgian Empire and restoring order within the Bradonian Realm, but despite his best efforts to rally the people, most didn't really care about the conflict and saw no reason to intervene in the conflict, so they stayed neutral.

Brady of Lavender would make a rather undaring retreat to the backyard of the Sonoma Palace to reorganize and to regroup his forces, calling upon the subjects of the former capital, Bradistadt for assistance in crushing the Hosenburgian Empire which was quickly accepted by the people of Bradistadt. Despite all the trouble that the Hosenburgian Empire was initially causing the Bradonian Realm, it would be made very clear that the Hosenburgian Empire stood no chance against the Bradonian Realm when they would make no attempts at fighting back against Bradonian forces, which would ultimately cost them their sovereignty, and would lead to the storming of the Sonoma Palace, with the Hosenburgian Empire being dissolved shortly after.

The Bradonian victory in the Hosenburgain Rebellion would reaffirm Bradonian sovereignty and would lead to the monarchy being "restored" and the status quo being restored.

The Third Bradonian Anschlußes

The Flag of the Chowā Province

Despite internal reform being heavily prioritized over territorial expansion, an opportunity for territorial expansion would soon arise. On March, 17th, 2022, the king, Brady of Lavender would go on a bike ride to the Kalahari Resort, however unlike other times he went bike-riding, he would see various pink blossoming trees in the area which would ultimately pique his interest. Brady of Lavender wanted the trees to be in the Bradonian Realm for both ceremonial reasons and for national pride.

Shortly after his bike ride, Brady of Lavender would meet with the former military veteran Darrel of Lavender to determine a proper course of action regarding the matter. It was decided that a military operation to incorporate the territory into Bradonia would be formalized and initiated in the coming weekend, on March 19th, 2022.

The Kingdom of Bradonia would begin the invasion of the Kalahari Resort on March 19th, 2022. Brady of Lavender would first send his forces to Waco, Texas to meet up with Darrel of Lavender to decide what military strategies should be used for the upcoming invasion. After determining the proper course of action, the Bradonian Forces under Brady of Lavender, would use bike calvary to thier advantage and would face little resistance when they arrived, as such they would place a Bradonian Flag, and thus would consolidate the territory of Chowā under the Bradonian Realm.

Expansion Into Colorado

The Flag of the State of Colorado

Although the Kingdom of Bradonia had consolidated its regional authority over the Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth Areas, many members of the Bradonian Royal Family and the House of Lavender, most notably George of Lavender and Ellis of Lavender, wished to move elsewhere, more notably Colorado due to its overall preferable standard of living and its preferable climate, which attracted both of them to the idea. The king, Brady of Lavender despite being staunchly against it, reluctantly agreed, knowing as it could better benefit the nation, and thus the Bradonian Colonial Empire was established.

In order to help jumpstart the transition from Texas to Colorado, a Royal Mandate on May 4th, 2022 dissolving the the "Ducal Municipality of Austrozat" was put forward, and put the Sonoma Palace in the hands of the Royal Bradonian Government. A few days later the Sonoma Palace Reconstruction Authority would be established to assist in this transition, which would be headed by Brady of Lavender with which the goal would be for the successful transition from Austin to Denver.

The Prince Father, George of Lavender would be the first royal to voluntarily leave the Sonoma Palace and would head to Denver, establishing the Denver Colony, as the first "legitimate" colony of the Kingdom of Bradonia. While this transition was undergoing, the Royal Bradonian Government would receive a message from Saspearian regarding Bradonia's territorial claims in the Chowā Province, however, the dispute would be short-lived, as Sasperid ambition would ultimately lay elsewhere, however, this would result in the "Great Reconquest", which would result in the reacquisition of all former Austrozatian territory. Instead of the restoration of the Austrozat Duchy that was only dissolved a few months back, the reacquired territory would instead be reformed into the province of Isabella-Lukonia, with Climintino Mendonca serving as the first governor of the province.

It wouldn't be until July, 2023, when the king, Brady of Lavender and Crown Princess Brianna of Lavender would leave for the Denver Colony. While visiting the Denver Colony, Brady of Lavender would oversee the consolidation process, which would last around two weeks and would result in a strengthening of colonial growth within the Denver Colony. Whilst in the Denver Colony, Brady of Lavender would establish the Royal Diet, which originally would serve as an advisory council to the Monarch, with Darrel of Lavender returning to once again to become the Chancellor of the Bradonian Realm.

His Royal and Serene Majesty, Brady of Lavender and Crown Princess Brianna of Lavender would make one final trip back to Austin to celebrate Bradonia Day, until leaving to head off to the Denver Colony, but this time, the king and crown princess would stay permanently.

Establishment of the Royal Diet

The Flag of the former Bradonian Royal Diet

Although the Royal Diet was established nominally, it would take until October for it to become a fully functional governing body capable of suggesting legislation. Originally, the Royal Diet was filled with members of the Bradonian Royal Family, though after the October Reforms, it would become filled with members of the nobility and members of the clergy, which were appointed by Brady of Lavender. These reforms would also see an emphasis on traditionalization and stability within the Bradonian Realm. As a part of these reforms, the Royal Bradonian Government hired a former church elder to become the new Archpastor and later Archbishop of the Kingdom of Bradonia, alongside this reforms were made to the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia, which would subsequently become the Reformed Church of Bradonia.

The remainder of the month would be met with overall stability, however, it would come to a close when the illegitimate Forest Republic claimed the name of "Bradonia", thus spewing a national crisis, though it was unintentional in its nature. The Royal Bradonian Government personally intervened to ensure that the integrity of the Bradonian Realm remained intact, and succeed after it was revealed by the illegitimate Forest Republic that they intended to change their name to the Forest Republic of Bradistan. Thus the November Crisis was over, and the integrity of the Bradonian Realm remained intact.

Near the end of 2022, and after many members of the Royal Diet wished for a break, the king, Brady of Lavender granted their request and dissolved the Royal Diet until February of 2023, though not before getting the lords chocolate as a Christmas gift.

Contemperary History

The Flag of the Bradonian Realm

When the Kingdom of Bradonia entered into 2023, it was immediately revealed that the 2nd Chancellor, Darrel of Lavender heled heretical views ill-conductive to the Bradonian Realm, and upon hearing about those views, the king, Brady of Lavender made the decision to remove him from his office, and make him resign his post. His successor as chancellor would be the king's mother, Ellis of Lavender would become the 3rd Chancellor of the Bradonian Realm, and for the first time in Bradonian history, the king would host an inauguration ceremony where Brady of Lavender officially appointed Ellis of Lavender as the Chancellor of the Bradonian Realm.

When February rolled around, Brady of Lavender appointed Erie of Lavender as the Vice Chancellor, thus making it the only time in Bradonian history where there was a fully functioning government, though unfortunately, it would be short-lived. Although Brady of Lavender attempted to revive the Royal Diet, there was little enthusiasm from the lords who had begun to slack off and not take things very seriously, as despite the situation looking far better than before, there were many in the Royal Diet who didn't even bother to communicate or act professional, this alongside replacements being near impossible to find, put the Royal Bradonian Government in an awful situation.

Ultimately, it was decided by the king, Brady of Lavender that the Royal Diet and the House of Lords should be dissolved and the Chancellor position abolished, and so on March 6th, 2023, the Royal Diet and the House of Lords would be permanently dissolved and the Chancellor position would be abolished indefinably. Despite the set back from dissolving both the Royal Diet and the House of Lords, the king, Brady of Lavender would still make attempts to communicate with the nobility and clergy, though this would be short-lived as both the nobility and clergy would stop interacting with the Royal Bradonian Government. Seeing no other option, the king, Brady of Lavender on April 6th 2023 would revoke the subjectships of the remaining subjects, with the exception of the Royal Families of Lavender and Stell, however this two would not last, unexpectedly on April 16th, 2023, the Duke of Hutto, Brian Stell passed away due to unknown causes, and had no heir, but it wouldn't be a week later until the Bradonian Royal Family and House of Lavender found out, and would be completely devastated by it, a state funeral for Brian Stell would be held a week after his passing.

Despite things being relatively tough for the Kingdom of Bradonia, things will get better, and the Bradonians shall and will never falter EVER.

Politics and government

Bradonia is a unitary state and autocratic absolute monarchy, which is highly influenced by the autocratic and conservative governments of the Empire of Japan, the German Empire, and the Russian Empire. The Monarch of Bradonia, officially referred to as the King/Queen of Bradonia, is the head of state and the head of government of Bradonia. The King/Queen of Bradonia, is considered the highest political, sovereign, and religious authority within Bradonia, and possesses absolute authority over the Bradonian Realm and her governmental functions.

The King/Queen of Bradonia, in contrast to many modern constitutional and ceremonial monarchies, wields absolute authority and serves as the supreme leader of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the government. Brady Wiltevich-Iona Lavender I, also styled and referred to as the Violet King, is the current King of Bradonia, having been the sole founding father of Bradonia. Additionally, the King/Queen of Bradonia, is also the head of the current ruling royal house, the House of Lavender.

Due to Bradonia being an autocratic and absolute monarchy, there is no official legislative body that governs the Bradonian Realm, instead, there is a Privy Council which nominally acts as an advisory body to the Monarch, in which Privy Councilors advise the Monarch on important matters regarding the governance of the nation. Privy Councilors are appointed by the Monarch and serve life tenure, they are apolitical and must refuse to get involved with political parties or associations outside of Bradonia.

Unlike most micronations which usually follow the First-past-the-post voting system, and usually possess some form of political representation such as politcal parties and a parliamentary system, the Kingdom of Bradonia prohibits political parties or political organizations from running the government, due to dividing the people into fake political lines that only benefit corrupt politicians, as such democracy of any sort is prohibited, being widely frowned upon by both the people and the government, furthermore, the Royal Bradonian Government promotes its subjects to devote time to other activities rather than political ambitions.

Law and order

The Kingdom of Bradonia share's the same legal code as the United States of America, due to being located within the borders of the United States of America, although it possesses its own legal code, referred to as Bradiotic Law. Bradiotic Law is considered more logical and traditional than the legal code of the United States of America, and is more authoritarian in its nature. Bradiotic Law puts a large emphasis on stability and order, rather than freedom or equality, though it does implement principles such as colorblindness and equality under the law. Bradiotic Law is enforced through Bradonian Legislation, Royal Mandates, and the Bradiotic Legal Code, with all three being obligated to follow Bradiotic Law alongside the will of the Monarch.

The judicial branch of the Kingdom of Bradonia is the Supreme Court of Bradonia, in which eight justices are appointed by the Monarch, and serve for life tenure. The justices are responsible for judicial rulings and agreements in Bradonia and also handle judicial affairs for the Supreme Court of Bradonia. There are a total of nine members of the Bradonian Supreme Court, including the Supreme Judge, who alongside the seven justices, is appointed by the Monarch and serves for life tenure. The Supreme Judge, as the head of the judicial council, is responsible for all judicial rulings and the judicial administration of Bradonia alongside ensuring that the seven justices act within the confines of Bradiotic Law.

Foreign relations

The Kingdom of Bradonia holds an overtly isolationist foreign policy regarding the micronational community and has no diplomatic relations with other micronations in the micronational community, which can be attributed to its government's resentment of other micronations due to the notation that they are disloyal to the fundamental principals of micronationalism. The Kingdom of Bradonia is permanently neutral and non-interventionist nation, as such, it doesn't interfere in micronational conflicts or in micronational relations. The Kingdom of Bradonia also attains to the foreign policies of non-alliance in peace and neutrality in war.

The Kingdom of Bradonia recognizes nearly every member of the United Nations, with the exceptions of some, such as communist, illegitimate, or extremist regimes, though the most notable exception is the United States of America, which the Kingdom of Bradonia views very negatively, mostly due to the cultural and social degradation of the nation, alongside the staunch corporate influence with the nation, and the provocation of getting Russia to engage in actions against peace. This negative view of the United States of America has lead to Bradonains giving America many decorative names such as the " Tyrannical Power of the North", the "Incompetent States of America" and the "Illegitimate States of America".

Despite the perceived isolationism of the country, the Kingdom of Bradonia does recognize micronations, though only influential ones, such as the Principality of Sealand, the Republic of Molossia, the Grand Duchy of Westartica, and used to recognize the Republic of Meytallia and the Monmarkian Commonwealth as independent states until March 9th, 2023. However, despite these nominal exceptions, it remains a staunchly isolationist nation and is unlikely to engage in diplomatic relations with other micronations for a very long time.


The Bradonian Naval Flag, A Common Symbol of the Bradonian Self-Defense Force

The Kingdom of Bradonia is one of the most isolationist micronations within the micronational community, and is also one of the most peaceful micronations, due to its staunch isolationism. The nation's military, the Bradonian Self-Defense Force is restricted by the isolationist doctrine of the nation and by its small population, which makes it challenging to establish a traditional military. The Bradonian Self-Defense Force is similarly structured and inspired by the Japanese Self-Defense Force due to its cultural relationship with Japan. The Bradonian Self-Defense Force consists of two branches, those being the Royal Bradonian Army, and the Bradonian Royal Navy, lacking an airforce due to being heavily underdeveloped. The Bradonian Self-Defense Force has a total soldier count of only three reserves, and zero on active duty.

The Head of the Bradonian Self-Defense Force is the Commander and Chief, with the position being reserved for the Monarch, who acts as the Commander and Chief of the Bradonian Self-Defense Force. The Monarch is responsible for leading the troops into battle and giving the troops morale, so as to give the troops will and pride, as to come up on top. The Bradonian Self-Defense Force is known to hold trainings every May and August in Brayenroth to help soldiers and new cadets train and to learn knowledge while also having a bit of fun along the way.

Despite having a "military", the Bradonian Self Defense Force is barely used in traditional warfare, or in warfare at all, and is considered mostly ceremonial, with its only real usage being to protect the Bradonian Realm in case of an invasion by a foreign power.

Geography and climate

The Koppen Climate Classification detailing the climate of Colorado

The Kingdom of Bradonia comprises five main territories scattered around various areas of the Great Plains, with a total estimated land area of around 1 km2 (0.39 sq mi). The territories, which are exclaves, relatively consist of residential properties located mostly in the suburbs, however, the Iona Exclave, consists of the Iona National Park, which is considered the national park of the nation, and named after Brady Wiltevich-Iona Lavender.

The Bradonian Realm has held relatively few landmarks, due to its recent establishment, and lack of rural territory, however, the former territory of Sonoma held a pond which was referred to as the "victory pond" which was built to celebrate the Bradonian victory in the Hosenburgian Rebellion, however, it was dismantled after the Royal Bradonian Government transitioned from the Sonoma Palace to the Tsarstrina Palace.


A Bradonian cherry blossom tree, native to the Chowā region

The Bradonian Realm mainly consists of residential properties, though also predominantly consists of plains and forests, sharing much of biophysical traits with the w:United States of America. The Chowā region in Bradonia, is relatively famous for its cherry blossom trees in the springtime, and as a result is considered a national tourist spot of Bradonia, being host to many picnics and outings by Bradonians alike


The Bradonian Realm in terms of climate is subtropical and temperate, with the entire country, except for Tseleberna being located within this subtropical climate zone. The Brayven territories, mostly located in the great plains have a subtropical climate, which predominantly consists of extremely hot summers and rather mild winters, it also rains more often in Brayevn, however, snow is a rarity, and only occurs once every few years. The Tseleberna territories located in the winter plains have a far colder winter, with a more mild summer, compared to the rather hot summers and rather mild winters found within Brayven, posessing a

In Kolërin, the winters are much colder and the summer's much cooler compared to that of Texträrin. Bradonia also experiences lots of rain approximately 27 inches in the Texträrin realm, and 17 inches in the Kolërin realm. Bradonia has experienced snow before in the form of the "Texas February Snowstorm of 2021", which happened in a week and Bradonia in the Texträrin realm was filled with snow, however only Bradistadt's power was affected by it, but this is a rare occurrence, and Bradonia only receives snow every half-decade.

Climate data for Climate Data, for the Province of Austania.
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 88
Average high °F (°C) 60
Average low °F (°C) 35
Record low °F (°C) 7
Average Precipitation inches (mm) 2.18


A One Bradonian Staatmark Banknote

The Kingdom of Bradonia is considered a mixed economy due to the constant intervention of the government in the affairs of companies and corporations and the staunch social welfare that is provided to subjects, such as free universal healthcare and free education up to university. Many corporations within Bradonia are government owned such as the Bradonian Splatoon Company, the Bradonia Network Broadcasting Corporation, and Chazo's, which are run by the Royal Bradonian Government.

Despite this, the Kingdom of Bradonia lacks any real businesses due to its limited population and size, as such many members of its workforce commonly work the United States of America for employment and payment.

The Kingdom of Bradonia officially uses the Staatmark (ßm) as its economic currency, however, despite this, the value of the Staatmark (ßm) is equivalent to the USD, with 1ßm being equivalent to 1 USD. The Staatmark (ßm) despite being the national currency of Bradonia is not commonly used, rather many Bradonians often opt to use the USD as their currency of choice, disregarding the Staatmark (ßm), due to the lack of legal value it possesses.


The population of the Kingdom of Bradonia is currently twenty-seven as of May 12th, 2022 all of whom reside within Bradonian territory. 32% of Bradonains live within the Bradonain cities of Bradistadt and Huttostadt, while the remaining 68% of Bradonians live elsewhere, not bound to a specific city, but still residing within Bradonian territory.

Bradonians are the only ethnic group within the Kingdom of Bradonia, due to the belief, that those living within Bradonia, and those who hold citizenship are Bradonians. This come's down to the sole belief that a citizen of the Kingdom of Bradonia should be loyal to Bradonia and Bradonia only, meaning that Bradonia is very unlikely to accept citizens from other micronations, nor will it accept citizenships outside of the State of Colorado or Texas, nor will it accept online citizens into its kingdom.

Country No. of citizens
Flag of Bradonia.png Bradonia 10


The Presbyterian Church of Bradonia, is the official state church of the Kingdom of Bradonia and is recognized as the predominant religion within the Bradonian Constitution, stating its religious supremacy over other religions, however despite this, the Bradonian Constitution mostly protects the right to freedom of religion in it's borders, and actively promotes it's subjects into believing in religion. 26% of Bradonians identify as Presbyterian, 4% of Bradonians identify as atheists, while the remaining 70% of Bradonians are unknown .

is the official state church of the Kingdom of Bradonia and is recognized as the predominant religion within the Bradonian constitution, stating its religious supremacy. Around 30% of all Bradonian Subjects are Christians of Presbyterian faith, while 70% of the population is unspecified. The "secondary" religion, the Holy Bradonic Violet Church is mostly ceremonial and holds little religious authority within the Kingdom of Bradonia.


In terms of languages within the Kingdom of Bradonia, Bradonia is both an Anglophonic and Germanaphonic speaking nation however, English is spoken much more than German, and is considered the primary language of Bradonia, with 100% of the population speaking it, however, German is only a secondary language within Bradonia, because Bradonians do not speak the language, and is mostly a language to play a ceremonial part in its culture, however children in Bradonia do take it as a secondary language in secondary school. Despite English being the dominant language within Bradonia, there is still a lot of German influence within Bradonia, with some German words, being used as "slang" within Bradonia, such as its King being referred to as the "Kaiser" or the state as the "Kaiserreich". The Bradonian flag is often referred to as the "Reichsflag" or "Staatsflag", and the "Staatmark" and "Blütbiër" take their names from German words.

Culture and media

The cultural landscape of the Kingdom of Bradonia is rather unique and is characterized by a fascinating blend of influences from Mexico, Japan, Germany, and Yugoslavia, with all of them playing a significant role in shaping the unique identity of Bradonia. Bradonia's unique identity can be seen through its languages and its religion. As an Anglo-Germanophonic, Presbyterian State, the use of the German language and the adherence to the Presbyterian faith are prominent aspects of Bradonian culture. Additionally, the Kingdom of Bradonia embraces a certain degree of cultural conservatism, with a tendency to view political and social modernity as taboo. Instead, the Kingdom of Bradonia promotes religious values, absolutism, traditionalism, and nationalism as important pillars of its cultural fabric.

This amalgamation of cultural influences and the preservation of traditional values contribute to the unique cultural tapestry of the Kingdom of Bradonia, creating an atmosphere that distinguishes it from other societies.


Bradonian cuisine, is a mostly a mix of Mexican and Jappanse cultures as stated before with many dishes being remade, for example Bradonian Omirice which is a spicy version of Omirice replacing ketchup with hot sauce, to show strength, but most importantly its national dish is the Bradonian Taco, which is named after the current Monarch Brady Griffin which is a queso based taco filled with churncy chips and spicy salsa., some other Bradonian dishes and specialties include the following, Blutbier Root Beer and Big Red mixed together, Bradonic Nachos, Horoice, which is just spicy rice, Bradonic Pizza and Frittles, Fries with BBQ sauce/Hot sauce which is another Bradonian Favorite, with all of them being widely eaten in Bradonia.

Music and Art

When it comes to Bradonian music, most Bradonian music revolves around the accordion, with the music following a certain style to that of German accordion song's something equally popular among the nation's people. The Accordion is the national instrument of Bradonia, with it being one of the most listened to instruments in Bradonia, other than that Bradonians are also very interested military music, national anthems, 70's music and 80's music with the genres being very popular in Bradonia, but despite this, modern music is very frowned upon in Bradonia due to the traditional nature of the state, and its resentment of TikTok. In terms of art, Bradonians are very big fans of both anime, and manga, both which are read and watched respectively within the nation and have a cult following within the nation because of its popularity within the country, and its influence over the Bradonian people.

Tradition and Customs

When it comes to traditions and customs, there are many which Bradonia widely practices due to the important culutures and traditions that remain in Bradonia. The Kingdom of Bradonia has an official total of 14 holidays, which the Kingdom of Bradonia celebrates, but the most important one's being Koingsdag and Bradonia Day/Bradonian Independence Day, both of which are very important to the Bradonian Nation, as that is when many festivities such as dog parades and firework shows are hosted. The Kingdom of Bradonia also takes some holidays and customs from the Republic of Molossia as a sign of paternal respect for their dedication towards micronationalism and their status as the father of micronationalsim. An example of this is Emperor Norton day which is a holiday that Bradonia shares with Molossia out of respect of nation and to Emperor Norton of America.

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