Kingdom of Bregotte

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Regni di Bregotta
Flag of Kingdom of Bregotte
Motto: I Credemi l'amora
And we believe in love
Official languagesEnglish, Bregotten
Roman Catholicism
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• Founding
10 May 2021
• Estimate
very high
CurrencyGreat British Pound (GBP)
Time zoneGreenwich Mean Time
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+44

The Kingdom of Bregotte (Bregotten: Regni di Bregotta), referred colloquially as Bregotte, is a self-proclaimed sovereign state, commonly known as a micronation by external observers. Located in South England, it claims territory in the counties of Sussex and Essex. Bregotte is a monarchy, with King Sebastian I being the reigning monarch, and with Archduke Dominic I as the Chief Councillor of the Royal Council. The capital and the largest city is Pagus d'Odo, which houses the King. Bregotte has three official languages, English; Bregotten; and Latin, as well as three scheduled languages; Italian, French and Spanish.



Bregotte was founded on May 10, 2021 by Finlay Stovell and Calder Claydon. It was created in protest to the historical bias against Roman Catholics in the United Kingdom. Finlay Stovell was crowned as King Sebastian I on May 10, 2021.


System of Governance

The Government of Bregotte is separated into two branches, being the Royal Council and the Throne. The Royal Council is headed, and her councillors appointed, by current Chief Councillor Archduke Dominic I. The Royal Council meets and proposes new decrees. Such decrees must then be approved by the Chief Councillor, and then must be vetted by the King. If given Royal Approval, legally called Approvacapu, it is codified into law. Legislature can also be created directly by the King, and codified into law without the consultation of the Royal Council, but must at least be shown to the Chief Councillor.

Royal Council

The Royal Council is headed by Archduke Dominic I.


Religion and Spirituality

Bregotte is, by law, a Roman Catholic state. While this is the state religion, the majority of citizens are agnostic, or deistic. It follows Catholic moral teaching, in law, about how a country should be run. The patron saint is St. Francis of Assisi.

Public Holidays

This is list of holidays often celebrated in Bregotte.

Holiday Date Information
Circumcision of Our Lord 1 January Holy Day of Obligation
Epiphany 6 January Holy Day of Obligation
His Majesty's Birthday 20 January Finlay Stovell's Birthday
Easter changeable Holy Day of Obligation
Ascension changeable Holy Day of Obligation
Corpus Christi changeable Holy Day of Obligation.
His Majesty's Birthday June 6 Calder Claydon's Birthday
SS. Peter and Paul 29 June Holy Day of Obligation
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 15 August Holy Day of Obligation
All Saints 1 November Holy Day of Obligation
The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary 8 December Holy Day of Obligation
Christmas Day 25 December Holy Day of Obligation