Kingdom of Cakeland

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Kingdom of Cakeland
Flag of Kingdom of Cakeland
Anthem: O' Cakeland
CapitalCakeland City
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentParliamentary Monarchy
• Monarch
Joe Williams I
• Prime Minister
• Formed
28 March 2008
• Estimate

The Kingdom of Cakeland, commonly known as Cakeland, was a micronation founded on 28 March 2008 being added to microwiki swiftly after foundation. The nation sits under a parliamentary monarchy with Joe Williams I as monarch. The micronation was an in joke among some friends when we were young and stupid.


One evening, after extensive reading on the glorious nation of Sealand, His Majesty Prince Joe Williams I suddenly decided to create his own micronation, which he did with the aid of his friends and their girlfriends. Cakeland was formally introduced to the MicroWiki on the 28th of March and this date is formally referred to as the date of Cakeland's founding.


March 28, 2008: Cakeland was founded.

April 3, 2008: His Majesty Prince Joe Williams I announced the national plant, animal, food, drink and motto, and the election results came in with Prime minister Murphy obtaining the majority of votes and thus beginning his second term Prime Minister. The Ultra party was disbanded after minister Darren Benton refused to go to war with The Kingdom of Lovely and leaving the nation. General Chris Eames was not able to contact Lovely and attempts have since been cancelled though may be resumed in the future.

April 5, 2008: The cakeland army was dissolved into the Cakelandian guards.

April 7, 2008: Cakeland claimed a new province, a small stretch of the field next to Backgardinia, and the province was named Muffinia.

April 8, 2008: The Ultra party was reinstated.

April 10, 2008: Richard Ringtoul joined the Ultra party. Due to Archbishop Daniel Edwards' resignation as a minister, yet not as Archbishop, and due to a population increase, two seats became free.

April 11, 2008: Prince Joe granted the two previously open seats to the Ultra Party Ministers Darren Benton and Richard Rintoul because the C.O.O.N party had no more free members. Cakeland joined the NAFM and recognized all member nations fully.

April 24, 2008: Prince Joe created the ICR award for Improvements to Cakelands Relations. This award can only be granted by the prince and is for actions from April the 24th onwards. This means it does not include previous actions and has been introduced to improve activity. Minister Richard Rintoul was awarded the ICR and the province of Rintoul Hall is brought into Cakeland.

May 2, 2008: Prince Joe was awarded the Friend of the Peoples Republic award by The Democratic Peoples Republic of Bzan.

May 4, 2008: The province of Muffinia is increased and the provinces of Rintoullia and Frayinia are founded. Over the summer of 2008, Cakeland gained an increase in population and absorbing the smaller nations of Cydonia, Danland, and the Skull Island Republic. In November, Cake, the cat who was the inspiration for the nation's name, died. The day became a national holiday. Kington joined Cakeland on the 22nd of May 2009, and Sanhamshire was dissolved into Muffinia on June 2, 2009. Both actions were separate from the reforms.

The Licentian War

Cakeland assisted the Licentian socialists in their successful war against the tyrannical rule of the King. Liberating the nation of Bzan and conquering the nation of Galekenna. During the war, Cakeland granted Bzan citizens rights to become refugees in Cakeland and form their own political party. A Cakeland Communist party and a Cakeland Socialist party were mentioned but were never followed through, and the laws have not yet been changed though it is likely to be removed in the June reforms. The war itself comprised of Cakeland and Kaznian support, to a Socialist Coup.

May 2009 Reforms

Prince Joe became King Joe in the first of the month's reforms on May the 22nd, this was followed by the establishment of Fort Cake and a new Parliamentary system. The system is as follows: The King and all citizens present on a parliament meeting make the laws there and then. There must be at least 5 citizens including the King present, however. King Joe also declared war on the Wrexham tennis center building project, the citizen army having raided it 5 times by the end of May.

Lucasian War

May 12: When a local figure decided to build on the public land, including parts of Frayina, Rintoullia, and Muffinia. King Joe declared war. This created the citizen's army numbering 9, who armed with glass bottles, threw them at the development site in midnight raids, there where 5 raids in May. Additional fencing was placed around the development.

June Reforms

June 2: Eric Birling rescued a blue tit chick, saved by 2 citizens of Cakeland becomes a resident of Fort Cake, the decorated drinking den, shed. Following the outbreak of the Cloughian War former prime minister Thomas Murphy was named General of the Cakeland Civil army.

December Reforms

The Cakelandian Elections were held and using the National list system, The Ultra Party was voted into office with the largest majority. In Cakelands new political Parliament, every minister is in government but the prime minister, the leader of the party with the most votes is given prominence. This forces the Parties to co-operate in a fairer more representational way. Richard Rintoul was elected prime minister for a second term. On the 17th of December, the parliament put forward several bills for passing. The Oldhamshire Bill, to include a new province and to have it ruled by an unelected Duke, Dan Oldham. The Jessopian Bill, to include a new province and to have it ruled by an unelected Duchess. The republic bill, with only 1 of 5 members of parliament supporting the bill. The CCP, Cakeland communist Party, a bill to create a parliament seat to be given to the CCP, vetoed by King Joe, who stated "They can wait to the next election, that's how it works, how it's fair." The Jessopian and Oldhamshire bills were passed.

2010 reforms

Cakeland still stands tall as a nation and peace have existed between the smaller nations under its protection. King Joe, however, has heard of the news that a possible external threat intends to once again alter Muffinian territories and the government has been notified.


As far as cultures go, Cakeland has a rich/borrowed culture from many different influences and is proud to be multicultural. Predominately white and welsh blooded, Cakelandians have a unique culture built entirely on in-jokes, the Wilhelm Scream, and the national religion of Cydonism.

  1. National plant: The Ornamental Pine
  2. National Animal: Cat
  3. National food: Cake (any)
  4. National drink: Beer
  5. National motto: none.

Parliament and Politics

Serving ministers.

  1. Thomas Murphy, The Light party
  2. Richard Rintoul, The Ultra Party
  3. Josh King, The Republic Party
  4. Darren Benton, The Ultra Party

Previous Prime Ministers:

  1. Thomas Murphy (3 terms) The Cydonian Party
  2. Richard Rintoul (1 term) The Ultra Party.
  3. Thomas Murphy (1 term, after a coup) As The Light Party.
  4. King Joe (1 term, after a vote of no confidence against Thomas Murphy) Independent.
  5. Position abolished.
  6. Position Reinstated. Richard Rintoul The Ultra Party

Current Cakelandian Political Positions

King Joe Williams of Cakeland. Dukes of :

  1. Cydonia.
  2. Danland.
  3. Nestoria.
  4. Kington.
  5. Frayinia.
  6. Muffina.
  7. Stanley. (The fields of.).
  8. Rintoullia.
  9. The Skull Islands Republic.

Political parties in Cakeland

  1. The Ultra Party, a right-wing party originally based in Frayinia, but later moved to Rintoullia.
  2. The Cydonia Party, a left-wing party based in Cydonia. (Disbanded)
  3. The Anti-Green Party, a pro-industry party based in former Sanhamshire.(Disbanded)
  4. The Conservative Labourists Party, a center party without a base.
  5. The S.N.O.R.L.A.X. Party, an extremist right-wing party that was based in Muffinia before it was banned for treason. (SNX for short)
  6. The Light Party, a center-left party based in Cydonia.
  7. The Cakeland Nationalist Party, a right-wing party whose main aim is to create an effective republic in Cakeland.
  8. The Republic Party, a right-wing party who also seeks to create a republic in Cakeland.

Cakelandian Parliamentary Seats per term

  1. 1) 2 Cydonia., 1 Ultra.
  2. 2) 3 Cydonia, 2 Ultra.
  3. 3) 2 Cydonia, 1 Ultra, 1 Con/lab, 1 S.N.O.R.
  4. 4) 3 Ultra, 1 Cydonia., 1 S.N.O.R.
  5. 5) 1 Light, 1 Ultra, 1 S.N.O.R.
  6. 6) 1 Light, 2 Ultra, 1 Cakeland Nationalist, 1 Republic


Currently under review.

National holidays

March 28: Cakeland's founding day.

December 6: The Prince's birthday.

November 28: Cake remembrance day.