Kingdom of Ebneria

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Kingdom of Ebneria (eng)
Königreich Ebnerien (deu)
Flag of Ebneria
Motto: Wenig ist Mehr (German)
Less is More (English)
Anthem: Ebneria the Beautiful
Royal anthem: Preußens Gloria
LocationUnited States
Official languagesEnglish, German
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• King in Ebneria
Boris I
• Minister of Council
LegislatureThe Council
• Established
1 February 2018
• Independence
28 August 2018
• Estimate
CurrencyEbnerian Leaf, Ebnerian Penny
Time zoneCST
Date formatdd/mm/yy
Driving sideright

The Kingdom of Ebneria, more commonly known as Ebneria, is a micronation located in southwestern Wisconsin. It is currently ruled by King Boris I.

Ebneria is an absolute monarchy which formerly included elements of a more democratic system, with state and citizen representation and a court system.


The name “Ebneria” comes from the coulee in which Ebneria is located, Ebner Coulee. The name Ebner is a German surname by origin, meaning someone who lives near the River Eben. The suffix -ia signifies a place, similar to the style of other nations.



Founded on 1 February 2018 at exactly 7:30 PM (CST).

Reign of Roman I | 1 Feb 2018 - 5 Aug 2021

King Roman I, also known by his regnal nickname “the Conqueror” ruled from Ebneria’s founding on 1 February 2018 until his sudden abdication and renunciation of all micronational titles and positions on the 5 August 2021. His reign saw the rapid expanse of Ebnerian territory and the so-called “Golden Age” of Ebneria, wherein the various previous warring states of Ravinia and Ebneria were united under one banner for the first time. Ebnerian culture and government developed, though the micronation remained isolated throughout most of Roman’s reign. Although the Kingdom had steadily grown in its various functions, it was not without flaws. The government went through four separate iterations before it could function even remotely well; even so, most of the power resided in the monarch himself. In addition to lack of interest, not very many people had been involved in the micronation to begin with. When confronted with a decision on whether to become more involved with micronations, he realised that he was no longer interested enough to continue with micronations. Thus, on the 5 August 2021, Roman I abdicated in favor of his heir apparent, who then declined the throne. Not wanting to leave his kingdom without a ruler, he installed his adopted brother as King of Ebneria.

Reign of Boris I | 6 August 2021 - Present

King Boris I, also known by his regnal nickname “the Steward” is the current absolute monarch and King in Ebneria. He ascended to the throne on 6 August 2021 following the abdication of King Roman I. Within the first few weeks of his reign, floodwaters damaged much of the kingdom while the micronation itself fell into disarray; these events are know known as the Fall of Ebneria. Although it still exists, Ebneria is not what it once was.

Politics and Government


Ebneria is a monarchy. It was decided that there were too few people to create a functional democracy, thus monarchy was the obvious choice.

Law and Order

In absence of an official law enforcement system, the Royal Guard is responsible for the nation’s defense.


The Great Flood of 2018

Although the Royal Guard of Ebneria has not been involved in any military engagements, it helped with cleanup of the Great Flood of 2018, a hundred-year flood which decimated the rural farmlands and valleys of Southwestern Wisconsin. The King himself helped to recover numerous items of personal property and carried with him a badge of the Royal Guard(made of cardboard and paper) which was drenched in water; it is one of the few remaining artifacts from the early days of the Kingdom.

Geography and Climate

This is a panorama of an area in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin during early spring.

The Driftless region of southwestern Wisconsin is known for its towering green bluffs in the spring and summer months, and the plethora of colors that late autumn brings. Winters are often wet and cold, with spring and summer being similarly wet. Most of the bluffs in the Driftless are forested with the exception of farmland and bluff prairies. The Mississippi river and Devil’s Lake are two prominent and well known features of the region which shed light on the natural processes of erosion and geology which formed this unique region.