Kingdom of Elessa

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Kingdom of Elessa
Elessa Flag.png
National flag
Coat of arms

Fides, fortitude et Damnatio (Faith, Courage and Conviction)
"Called to Serve" (YouTube)

and largest city
Wellston-Top.PNG Wellston
Official languageEnglish
Official religionChurch of Elessa
Short nameElessa
Ethnic groups83% Elessians
17% American

GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- Head of StateAbraham I
- Acting President of the House of LordsTBA (LBR)
- Lord Commander of the Kings Armed ForcesTBA
- President of the Kings High CourtHis Royal Highness Prince Asher Gold

LegislatureElessian House of Lords

Established12 September 2018
- Independence Day19 July 2018 (as Socialist Republic of Juclandia)

Area claimed20 m2 (est.)
Population32 national
9 federal
This nation is a member of

Official website of Elessa

The Kingdom of Elessa, also referred to by the acronym KoE, and known poetically as Elessa, is a SL Sector micronation claiming sovereignty over territories in w:Second Life and USA. Elessa has a total population of 33 as of September 2018 and claims an approximate territory of 32.1869 kilometers square (km2). Since 2018, the nation's capital is the city of Wellston.

The Virtual Kingdom was born as a district of another micronation based in Second Life known as the Kingdom of Slifonia. The Pride of Elessa Agreement, signed in 2018, resulted in the complete independence of Elessa as a micronation from Slifonia. People from Elessa are known as Elessians.

Elessa is a Absolute monarchy. The executive nominally rests on the Monarch (the head of state), officially styled as "King/Queen of Elessa" The head of government, is the Prime Minister. The Parliamen is the Kingdom's legislature, and the Supreme Court, composed of three judges, is the head of the judiciary. Since 2018, Abraham I of Elessa has been King, and <Vacant> is the current Prime Minister.


Background and formation

, the Elessian Royal Palace.

The Kingdom of Elessa is a descendant of the short-lived micronation known as the Kingdom of Slifonia. Taking the idea of a Micronational experiment to virtual environments, the Steering Committee which formed the nation is excited about the future possibilities of this nation as more places are established in other virtual areas around cyberspace. A steering committee consisting of the Royal Family, Dukes, Lords and clergy from the church met in June 2018 to discuss the formation of the new state. After taking time to flesh out how our government would look, a sacred vote was held to invest confidence in a King or Queen of the nation, and would be the first and final democratic act of the nation.

Government and politics

Template:Politics of KoE

Sabia and Verona is a Absolute Monarchy, headed by the King of Elessa. The basic law of the Kingdom is the Constitution, which holds precedence over all other laws. The current Constitution was adopted in 2018 by a declaration from his Majesty the King. The Declaration of Independence was the first framing document of the Kingdom of Slifonia. The Declaration grants executive power to the Monarch, known as the King of Elessa. However, most of the Monarch's powers are in practice delegated to the Government, composed of the Kings Privy Council and the House of Lords].


Main articles: Government and The Elessian House of Lords

The House of Lords of Elessa is the legislature of the Kingdom; it is responsible for adopting the state's budgets, approving the state's accounts, appointing and exercising control of the Government, and approving mutual recognition treaties. Bills may be initiated by the Government or by members of House of Lords. All bills passed must be presented before the King to Royal Assent in order to become law.

, the flag of the Kingdom of Elessa.

Law and judicial system

File:ElessianKing and Queen.PNG
His Royal Majesty. Abraham I, King of Elessa.

The Constitution of Elessa), which stands as the supreme law of the Kingdom, sets the framework for Elessian judicial system. The highest court of law in Sabia and Verona is the Kings High Court, which also serves as the Kingdom's constitutional court. The Supreme Court is made up of three politically independent judges, chaired by a President, presently TBA. Members of the Kings High Court are appointed by the Monarch.

Foreign relations

Foreign affairs are handled by the Foreign Department. The Foreign Department was created by during the inception of the Declaration of Independence. The King often plays an important role in external affairs, as he commonly acts as mediator and representative of the Kingdom abroad and before other micronational governments.

Presently, Elessa has mutual recognition agreements with several micronations, and maintains informal relations with many others.

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