Kingdom of Erusia

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Kingdom of Erusia
Motto: Veritas Nos Defendit
Anthem: Long Live Erusia
File:United Kingdom, Liverpool
and largest city
Erus City
Official languagesEnglish, Erusian
GovernmentFeudal absolute monarchy
• King
HRM King Peter I
EstablishmentOctober 27 2008
CurrencyErusian Credit
Time zoneUTC

The Sovereign Royal Kingdom of Erusia and all Her Territories, commonly styled as the Royal Kingdom of Erusia or plainly as Erusia, was a micronational State that was formed as a result of the collapse of the United Royal Kingdom of Licentia and Bzan on October 27, 2008, following internal political disputes and challenges. It was founded through the efforts of the former King Colum II and a variety of other former Licentian leaders. As of its founding, it was ruled by the Royal House of Maxwell, which was headed by King Peter I.


When political disagreements, in particular over foreign policy, plagued the young United Royal Kingdom of Licentia and Bzan it was decided to dissolve the State and establish Erusia in its place as a new, independent nation with a new leadership. King Colum II stood down as King and was replaced by Peter I of Erusia, who became King Peter I. In the aftermath of the leadership changed many aspects of Licentian culture were salvaged and many others were destroyed. Erusia effectively moved backwards on the scale of political evolution, making the transition from a constitutional monarchy to an absolute monarchy with feudal principles. On October 28, 2008, the former King Colum (now styled as High Lord Colum McKenna) was created as the Lord-Regent Santica by the King, establishing the Royal Regency of Santica for him to rule. This move demonstrated soldiarity between new Erusia and old Licentia, as well as establishing King Peter I as the ruler of more than one country to bolster the prestiege of his crown.

Erusia became a socialist state called the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia, which itself dissolved as it was proven that most of both the Kingdom and the Democratic People's Republic were fake or exaggerated. Robert Lethler admitted to this and left the MicroWiki community expect for brief times that he came back.

Politics and Government

Erusia was an absolute monarchy with all political power vested completely in the Crown. Erusia did, however, operate on the principles of feudalism. Erusia was divided into a number of smaller regions governed by individual Nobles, who were granted varying degrees of political power in order to govern their land. Though the monarch inevitably had the power to over-ride any noble decision, it was uncommon for them to intervene directly in the affairs of their nobles. The Kingdom also had a political cabinet - made up of senior Nobles - charged with carrying out various duties on behalf of the Crown, although there was no democratic government at any level.

In addition to small regions such as Baronies and Counties, the Monarch had the power to create and dissolve constiuent countries. These constiuent countries were known as Principalities if ruled by a Prince and Royal Regencies if ruled by any other Noble. They had greater autonomy than normal regions and are treated as individual micronations under the jurdistiction and absolute control of the Crown. For this reason, the Monarch was styled as King/Queen of each Regency/Principality individually, rather than just as the ruler of Erusia itself.

Territorial Claims

Erusia never issue any formal territorial claim, although the Crown asserted itself as a sovereign State demanding full independence and recognition from the macronational world. There were, however, rumours that the Crown intended to commission a study to determine the best territorial claims it may make.

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