Kingdom of Escitrar

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Kingdom of Escitrar
Coa Escitrar.png
Coat of arms
Motto: "Sci Vis Pacem, Parabellum."
File:Cincinnati, United States
Largest cityWest Escitrar
Official languagesEnglish, German
GovernmentParliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
• First Minister
• King
LegislatureParliament of Escitrar
• Census
CurrencyEscitrar Aureus
Time zone(EST)
Preceded by

The Kingdom of Escitrar is a micronation founded on 5/21/11 We have 9 citizens and were formally part of the St. Charlian Commonwealth. Preceded by the Government of Escitrar.


The name Escitrar came from the catalan word estirar, which means to stretch or extend i.e. extending the hobby into something more than a hobby, a serious micronation. Another theory is that it is a modified random word generator name, however, the former is more likely.



The area that would later become Vian was originally settled in 1788 by John Cleves Symmes and a few others as Losantiville. In 1790 Arthur St. Clair renamed Losantiville Cincinnati, in honour of The Society of Cincinnati. Skipping ahead a couple of generations Sir Samuel I would lead a small revolution declaring independence for his and Sir Nikolkaj I's houses.


In early April 2010, "Samuel I" became interested in the prospect of micronationalism. He originally met with his friend Nikolaj I where they decided a micronation would be a fun endeavour. Over the next month, they would meet and decide on many things for the nation that would eventually become known as Ohio, specifically the Empirical Dyarchy of Ohio.

Samuel I leaned towards a liberal multi-party democracy while Nikolaj I leaned towards an Absolute Monarchy/Dictatorship. They settled on a mix developed by Samuel I via a nation with two equal leaders: A democratically elected Chancellor (Nikolaj I was not very fond of having a "President") and a hereditary Emperor/Empress. Parliament was elected by allowing people to vote for political parties using proportional voting. On 27 May 2010, the EDO was officially formed. The declaration of independence was written and sent to The Ohio Empire. War was never pursued and talks of an alliance occurred. The military was formed soon after. After a couple of days, The Liberal Democratic Party was formed with The Emperor as its only member. In late May, after summer break had been going on for a few days, HIH Chancellor and Crown Prince Nikolaj I left on a vacation.


From 1 June 2010, to 15 July 2010, Vian would be reformed into the Federal Republic. The monarchy had no supporters and The Federal Republic brought in a change that was accepted by all as a good thing.

First Election

For More Information, visit Vianese Executive Election 2010

Officially "The Vianese Executive Election 2010", the positions of Prime Minister and President were up for grabs. Samuel I and Nikolaj I ran against each other for the position of Prime Minister, Samuel I running as a candidate endorsed by the liberal Leftist Party of Vian, Him being the Chairman of the LLPV and Nikolaj I running also as an independent, however, he identifies with The LLPV. Justin I and Tanaja I was the only candidates running for president. Nikolaj I and Tanaja I won the elections, with Nikolaj I winning by one vote and Tanaja I winning by over 5 votes.


Shortly after the elections, the nation fell into a period of inactivity because Nikolaj I was unable to contact Samuel I for reasons unknown. This would not be such a problem but with the current system of proportional voting and [[Samuel I's control over the LLPV the nation was deadlocked. After this, the nation fell into a period of Inactivity and eventually Samuel I was the last citizen.

St. Charlian Commonwealth

On 16 November 2010 Vian was accepted into the commonwealth as a territory (under the name of Tammarack) and a few days later submitted a Federationship request to the St. Charlin Parliament, but due to email issues, it was not received until late January, 2011. Samuel I was notified of this and waited for a reply but it never came. On 4 April 2011 Tammarack seceded from the commonwealth due to old citizens like Nikolaj I expressing wishes for a new state.

After Secession

After secession a few old citizens rejoined, rising the citizen count to 8. 4 Provinces were formed. After a survey was held on the new constitution and it was deemed "to complicated". After the results came in and a short conversation was held with a few citizens it was decided that the state would transition to a Rennie-Gaffneyist Socialist Democracy. A Transitional Citizens Council was formed to vote upon the new constitution, which is composed of all citizens. On 27 May 2011, Escitrar became a kingdom. The Parliament passed many laws concerning succession, knighthoods and nobility to name a few.

Government and politics

The Government is a constitutional monarchy. The Head of State is The King/Queen and The head of government is The First Minister. The King/Queen is hereditary but the office of First Minister is elected every 2 years. The nation is divided into Provinces, which have States-Provincial, which each elect a Senator to rule them and sit in parliament. A council of ministers rule over there respective ministries.

Law and order

The law of the Kingdom is handled directly by the Minister of Justice.


The main revenue bringers in the nation is taxes. Soon a store is to be opened online which will sell dried meats under the jurisdiction of the Escitrar Dried Foods Inc. Discussions about the possible minting of Pewter coins has been discussed.

Foreign relations & military

Foreign policy

To be recognized by the Kingdom of Escitrar you must have a population of at least two citizens, a defined territory for the nation, no fantasy aspects of the nation, no racist governmental aspects, and a defined government for the entire nation.


The military is handled by the one and only army the Royal Armed Forces of Escitrar, headed by the High Marshall of the Military, Nikolaj I.

Geography and climate

The Kingdom of Escitrar has a very temperate climate and is mostly flat, with many exotic plants growing inside the Kingdom.

Culture & media


100% of all citizens are literate in English, 2 are semi-literate in Latin and 4 are semi-fluent in German. Our national items include The Rhode Island Red Chicken (Animal), Lazzarus Wall Lizard (Reptile), Screech Owl (Bird), kemps (Sport/Game), Blueberry Tea (Drink) and French Onion Soup (Dish). The official civilian and military salute is to stand at attention and cross your arms over your chest. The nation is a strong advocate of protecting the environment. The people are also very pro-choice and pro-secularisation of the state. The religions are Atheist (22.22%), Christian (33.33%), Pagan (11.11%), Judeo-Christian (11.11%) and agnostic (22.22%).


There is a blog for the Kingdom on the official website and a YouTube channel.