Kingdom of Falghun

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Kingdom of Falghun
Flag icon.jpg
Motto: Whythra
Anthem: Unknown
File:United Kingdom
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
EstablishmentMay 14th, 2011
• Census
Time zoneUTC

The Kingdom of Falghun is a currently inactive Cornish-themed micronation located in the southwest region of Cornwall.


The history of The Kingdom of Falghun is a rather short one with little information available. The Kingdom was established by King Thomas in the capital city of Kastell. He soon started making flags and printing money while researching other micronations. Thomas decided to adopt the native Cornish culture and incorporate it into his micronation. This is how he came to name the micronation 'Falghun'(Cornish: "Hawk") after the national animal. King Thomas went and claimed hill forts and ponds which he subsequently named after Cornish words.


The Kingdom of Falghun claims various pieces of land, among which are hills and hill forts. Citizens who join must register their home as an embassy of the Kingdom of Falghun. A map image of the existing claims and their names in Cornish can be seen below.



The current Agencies exist within The Kingdom of Falghun.

Royal Falghunian Navy

The Navy consists of three inflatable kayaks (The Challenger Class), and an inflatable dinghy (The Commander Class).

Falghunian Secret Service

This is comprised of a few spy tools.

Bank of Falghun

This is the organisation that deals with the official currency of Falghun(Shoals).