Kingdom of Freihetia

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Flag of Freihetia
Freihetia Erwache!
Freihetia within the Holy Empire
Freihetia within the Holy Empire
Annexed into the Holy Empire
10 April 2009
1 March 2013
 • King of FreiheitaMarkus Pius

The Kingdom of Freihetia was a state within the Holy Empire of New Israel, existing under various governments from 2009 until 2018.


Freihetia was established in the eleventh year of Markus II on 10 April 2009 on the bank of a small lake called "Freedom". This colony was particularly successful and the primary manufactures were weapons and rock. These are the humble origins of Freihetia, which eventually transformed into the Holy Empire of New Israel as we know it today.

Over time, Markus II transformed Freihetia into a dominant force. At the same time, the government of Freihetia drifted away from a republic to a monarchy. In A.D. 2012, Freihetia (also known as Freedomia) became a Christian empire. Throughout the end of 2012 and into early 2013, the Freihetian Empire experienced a Civil War which was a precursor to the Spice Wars. Finally, the declining Freihetian Empire became the Kingdom of Freihetia (or the Kingdom of Freedomia) as an imperial state of the Holy Empire of New Israel. Markus II assumed the title of King but also New Israeli emperor.

When Freihetia was annexed into the Holy Empire of New Israel, most of its territory was used to establish new imperial states.

Freihetia lost affluence due to the removal of the capital from Augustinople to Lollardry. Its settlements and works are in disrepair, and remain so due to the dissolution of New Israel and the Freihetian entity.