Kingdom of Fronecos

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Kingdom of Fronecos
Royaume de Fronecos (French)
Motto: L'avenir est la construction d'un monde meilleure (French for The futur is the construct of a better world)
Anthem: "Le peuple uni" (de jure)1 File:.ogg
CapitalLe Piarday
Official languagesFrench
Demonym(s)Fronecolandish (Fronecolandais.e)
Thomas Alexandre II
• Prime Minister
Leopold Deuff
LegislatureParlement of Fornecos
• (as of 2022 census) census
CurrencyArssesse - Artesse
Preceded by
Principality of Fronecos
This nation is a member of L'Ecologie des Sept

Fronecos, officially the Kingdom of Fronecos (in French Royaume de Fronecos), is a micronation founded on the 10th August 2010. But the Real fondation of Fronecos IS in april 2020 by Thomas Alexandre II , wich claims all the commune of Charvieu-Chavagneux.



Origins and foundation of Kingdom of Fronecos

The Kingdom of Fronecos was founded on 10 August 2010. The origines of Kingdom of Fronecos come from the Principality of Fronecos.

Processing and COVID-19 Crisis

During the first lockdown from March 17 to June 14, 2020 and the second lockdown the administrative activities were practicied on line for Kingdom of Fronecos.

Politics and government

Main articles: List of heads of state of Fronecos, List of governements of Fronecos, List of legislatures of Fronecos and List of political parties of Fronecos The Council of Ministers, governement of the Kingdom, produces and applies decrees.

The current king of Fronecos is Thomas Alexandre II since the 28th may 2020,


The Parlement of Fronecos is the consultative legislature of Kingdom of Fronecos.

Law and order

Main articles: LGBT rights in Fronecos

Gouvernemental decrees act as laws.

Foreign relations

- Unbowed Republic of Europa

- Principality of Anthophilia

- Autonomous Republic of Europa

- Principality of Aigues-Mortes

- Republic of Jailavera

- Principality of Ferthroy

- Hope Kingdom

- Empire of Luminor

- United Principalities of Lochaber and Glencoe


The Royal Army of Fronecos(in french "Armée royale de Fronecos") is the unified armed forces of the Kingdom of Fronecos, founded on 22 June 2019 in response to the beginning of First Fronecolandish Civil War as Princely Army of Fronecos (in french "Armée princière de Fronecos"). The Royal Army of Fronecos consists of both ground and naval forces, and has a standing troop strength of 12. All citizens, including the King, are citizen soldiers who proudly wear the uniform of the Royal Army of Fronecos. The primary responsibilities of the armed forces are emergency response, disaster relief, environmental protection and national defence.


The territorial claims consists in:

-The commune of Charvieu-Chavagneux.It was claimed at the Foundation Day, the 29th August 2020.

-A part of Antarctica, as the Antarctic fronecolandish Territory. It's claimed since the 12th September 2020, day of integration of North-east Antarctica in Fronecos.

Culture and Medias

The principal media is the Kingdom of Fronecos Youtube channel of the Kingdom.


Date English Name French Name Remarks
From December 31 to January 2 Gregorian New Year Nouvel an grégorien Celebration of Gregorian New Year
10 August National Day Fête nationale Remembering of Foundation of Principality of Fronecos
From December 24 to December 26 w:Christmas, or Yule, or Nowel w:Noël ou Jolif Celebration of Christmas

External links

-The official website of Kingdom of Fronecos (in french)