Kingdom of Genovia (Micronation)

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Kingdom of Genovia
Motto: "Verus et fictus"
Anthem: "Genovia, the land I call my home"

Fictional Land Claim of Genovia (roughly 1sq. mile)

Capital: Pyrus
Largest City: New Pyrus
Official Language: English
Demonym: Genovian
Government: Parliamentary Monarchy
Current Monarch: Queen Clarissa-Alekzandra
Leader: His Excellency Jeeves Sandringham
Foundation: 13 May 1637
Population: ~140,500
Currency: Genoves (GRD)

Genovia or fully, the Kingdom of Genovia is a geofictional tongue and cheek "micronation" located between France and Spain. The nation exists as an experiment in political freedom inspired by the nation from the 2001 Disney film, Princess Diaries.


The micronation of Genovia is heavily inspired by the state that bares the same name from the Princess Diaries series of novels and film. As such, the name, flag and other symbols are those used in the stories. The name "Genovia" was coined by author Meg Cabot for the novel series.


Despite being geographically fictional in nature, the nation of Genovia is notably more "real-world" in comparison to other geofictional nations both on and off Micras. This is due to the fact that the nation tends to ground itself somewhat within the realm of reality and as such operates mostly offline, with all governmental meetings being held person to person and with citizenship/community outreach projects being held at real world locations as opposed to on forums.


The Kingdom of Genovia was founded in early 2019 by micronationalists Charles Ross and James Ellis. The two created the state as a hobby to act as a side project contrary to their main micronational endeavors, the Tsardom of Phokland and the Kingdom of Emosia respectively.It was conquered in 2021 by the house of Elséy, ruling house of the Isle of Lithua.


The Kingdom of Genovia is a constitutional monarchy, with a King/Queen serving as Head of State and a Prime Minister that serves as Head of Government.


The monarch of Genovia is the nation's designated head of state and is responsible for handling foreign affairs and representing the nation in matters of international relations. In addition, as all citizenship is ceremonially granted by the monarch, the King/Queen is tasked with reviewing and accepting/denying requests for citizenship status. Unlike most geofictional monarchies, the monarch of the Kingdom of Genovia is an elected office as opposed to an hereditary one. Each monarch is selected in a national election, with the canidates seleted by the Prime Minister. Each elected King/Queen rules for life and upon their death (within three days) the aforementioned elections are held.

Prime Minister

The position of Prime Minister is (like the monarch) an elected office. A Prime Minister serves a term lasting three years with elections taking place on the first of January. Any elected Prime Minister may run and re-run as many times as he/she would like. The primary job of the Prime Minister is to run all internal national affairs and to propose and draft new laws and legislation. The Prime Minister is also responsible for setting tax rates and appointing candidates to run for the position of monarch in the national election that follows the death or abdication of the previous one.

Foreign relations

As the Kingdom of Genovia is mostly fictional in nature, it does not actively pursue international recognition. Nevertheless, it does hold diplomatic relations with some micronations, these states are...

Land Claim

While the nation of Genovia is fictional in nature, it ceremonially claims the land that made up the nation in the Disney films. In addition, Genovia is attempting to lay claim to land on Micras (where it hopes to one day fully move to) though work on this is still ongoing.