Kingdom of Giovalen

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Kingdom of Giovalen
Flag Kingdom of Giovalen.png (Show)
Motto: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
(Italian: Libertà, Uguaglianza, Fratellanza
Neapolitan: Libbertà, Uguaglianza, Fratellanza)
Anthem: Marcia Reale [1]
and largest city
Official languagesNeapolitan, Italian
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
Establishment7 November 2010
CurrencyLira Giovalenese
Time zone(UTC+1)

The Kingdom of Giovalen is a micronation founded on 7 November 2010 by King Giovanni I. The Kingdom has become territorial November 7, 2013 after 3 years since it's foundation.


The name is: Regne 'e Giovanni 'nda Llengua Nnapulitana (Giovanni's Kingdom in Neapolitan Language), so the name Giovalen is the union Giova (Giovanni the name of the first king), le (NAP: Llengua, ENG: Language) and n (NAP: Nnapulitane, ENG: Neapolitan).


Virtual period

The kingdom was formally founded on 2 November 2010 and proclaimed the independence on 7 November 2010, founded by King Giovanni I, adopting the monarchy as a form of government. In the first year of life the kingdom expanded our diplomatic relations with other micronations. Internal business operations are open to developing the economy.

Territorial period

After the third year, the kindom, was become a territorial entity.

Foreign relations

Nations that were automatically recognized

Nations that have signed a treaty

  • Smorabandieronaverdescu.png SMORA, since the 11th June 2011

Geography and climate

The climate is mild. The proximity of the sea means that there is a typical Mediterranean climate of southern Italian. The winter and the summer is characterized by humid climate.


Is a free tax micronation.

Primary sector

Is the core of the economy of the Kingdom. The entire sector is coordinated and managed by the Company for Agriculture and the National Giarnaggio (AAGN) which holds the monopoly. Among the main products that are grown:

  • New potato bell
  • Nocera onion
  • San Marzano tomatoes
  • Leans

The cultures follow a strict organic growing, which prohibits the use of any type of fertilizer and / or other chemical.

Secondary sector

Occupies a marginal place in the economy of the kingdom, there is only one company that operates in the computer industry.

Third sector

It's completely absent.


The language of the kingdom are the Neapolitan and the Italian.


In the kingdom there are a futsal championship, with twe team.

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More infomation [2] only Italian