Kingdom of Haafingar

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Kingdom of Haafingar
The Official Flag of Haafingar
Motto: "Nox obscura est et plena terroribus"
The planned design for the Kingdom of Haafingar
The planned design for the Kingdom of Haafingar
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• King
Ezra I
• Crown Prince
• Lord Paramount(s)
Establishment22 February 2022
• 2021 estimate
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy

Haafingar, officially the Kingdom of Haafingar, is a Kingdom in the Bay of Bengal. It is currently inhabited by its tribal natives[citation needed].

Haafingar was founded on 22 February 2022 as a new nation by Ezra I in an effort to make a nation out of unclaimed territory.


  • King Ezra I Baratheon, King of Haafingar, Protector of South Haafingar, and Lord of Mistwatch
  • Prince Eros Baratheon, Crown Prince of Haafingar, and Lord of New Kansas

Notable Houses

House Baratheon of Mistwatch

The Sigil of House Baratheon of Mistwatch

National symbols

  • Crown
  • Laurel Crown
  • Crowned Stag
  • Flaming Heart


  • Founded 22 February 2022
  • Name, Flag, and Royal Name changed
  • Capital renamed Mistwatch (formally Dragons-Hearth)


  • North Sentinel Island "North Haafingar"
  • South Sentinel Island "South Haafingar"(de facto Protectorate)


  • The royal surname is the same of House Baratheon for the TV series "Game of Thrones"
  • Liechtenstein's crown is used on the flag
  • King Ezra I has plans to obtain land in Africa
  • The nations name is also a grab from the game "Elder Scrolls"