Kingdom of Hamland

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Kingdom of Hamland
[[File:{{{image1}}}|125px|border|Flag of Kingdom of Hamland]]
Motto: Inprobus ut Nemo
Anthem: Hamland is Free
CapitalNew Kirriemuir
Official languagesEnglish, Hammish, Spanish
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• King
Lewis I
• Prime Minister
Duke J.
EstablishmentSeptember 12th, 2006
• Census
CurrencyObol (Ø)

The Kingdom of Hamland is a micronation based online and seeks to claim land around Scotland. It was founded in 2006 by King Lewis I who has remained the King ever since. Hamland is semi-secessionist and balances the eventual aim of becoming an actual nation-state with simulating a country online.

Hamland is a member of the Micronational Cartography Society and claims land on Micras as well as having been a member of the GSO and a failed Micronational United Nations based on MSN Groups. In 2013 the Kingdom of Hamland was reformed into the Commonwealth of Hamland.


Hamland was founded in Kirriemuir by King Lewis I on the 12th of September 2006 when the idea of starting a new country was come across. He looked online to see if anyone else had done it and thus created the micronation "Hamland" naming it after the biblical man "Ham" who was one of Noah's sons who was cast out to start the people's of land which is hard to live upon. Preceding Hamland had been several years of "Insectopias" where the King had created with friends small buildings for insects which evovled into a small town made of sticks and grass which eventually became based upon a map and a nation simulation. Hamland was the first application of this to a real life sitaution with real people.

It was started as a Monarchy or "Hampire" and progressed into being a Communist Dictatorship and settled on Constitutional Monarchy after 5 months of it's creation. Hamland's original rival Taeland was created a few days after but only lasted a few months before the leadership of Taeland was given to Hamland's King.

Before becoming active online, Hamland was mainly involved in the local community by inviting friends from school to be ministers. The original goal was to claim 1 square centimeter of land and have that, however the goal of Hamland has since changed to creating an actual small state.

In early 2007 Hamland created its first online forum and began to create an online presence. Lon time serving "Duke J" became the Prime Minister after the first conducted election ever held online and has held the post ever since, with only Mack being the only other to hold the position.

Hamland claimed land on Micras and has held the peninsula ever since with land growing and shrinking. In 2008 Hamland annexed Monovia and Greenuk to create the United Commonwealth which eventually collapsed and left Hamland broken and inactive. At this point a new forum was created in which Hamland grew as an independent nation where many economic models and political models were created.

Currently Hamland is based online on its third forum and seeks to become one of the major recognised micronational communities in the UK by increasing its size and publicising it through sport and online advertising.


Hamland is a constitutional monarchy with a King and a Prime Minister. There have been multiple political parties in Hamland's history with no active ones at present. The parties have been of varying political ideology and almost act as political experimentation.

Alongside the HNP there have been other parties. The Conservative Party of the second election came close by equaling seats, and ever since then parties have been formed to provide a choice at elections but have never won or survived long after. Various smaller left and right wing parties have arisen with one Maoist party being the most recent to be formed.

The longest lasting opposition MP has been CJ Miller who over the period of a year provided many different ideologies to counter the HNP's but only succeeded in an election for the Esezo (a president type figure which lasted for a year) which was at the source of much controversy as there was a 150% turnout.

For a brief period of Hamland's modern politics, Hamland was governed by an Esezo, who was de facto head of state and the King was merely de Jure. This system was dropped as it was deemed too controversial and so Hamland has mostly just been a constitutional monarchy. The Parties of CJ Miller have offered a republic and the King himself at one point supported one but has since cahnged his mind on the matter.


Regions of Hamland

Hamland consists of 8 federal regions which are administered from New Kirriemuir. The lands of the East are all heavily populated by Hamlanders with minor regional cultures existing there.

In Turaida there is influence from the neighbouring Slavic people creating some pieces of Slavic culture which exist there. In Alba there is mainly a predominantly Hammish culture with Alba taking a stronger celtic feeling, however it is seen to merely be simply another part of mainland Hamland. Alba was formerly known as Scottania which was independent from Hamland for a period of time but was united after the United Commonwealth's collapse. Anglia has a more English feeling than the rest of Hamland and is seen to be the most Conservative of all of the Territories. Israat is a territory which has a large Jewish Community who existed there before Hammish rule. However the vast majority of the population is Hammish.

In the West there are three Regions;

Hamland is the capital region and where the capital New Kirriemuir is situated and where the whole country is governed from. Taeland was an independent nation founded at the same time of Hamland and has been at the source of an independent culture based on communism which has been the source of some unrest and conflict. Kydros was originally held by Hamland as a military base, but has become a more developed part of the country being a popular tourist destination due to the large amounts of sunshine.

In the North is Alemania known as Schonland locally and is a predominantly German speaking region of Hamland which was annexed in 2008. The region is the most independent and also the most distinct of all of the Hammish regions.


Hamland in the past has participated in 4 sports; Football, Rugby, Cycling and Hamball. Football is currently the main sport in whcih Hamland hopes to succeed both through real life matches and simulated games. In the FMF World Cups Hamland has reached the quarter-final, but in real life Hamland has never played a match due to the way the population is spread out. The current authority of football in Hamland is the Hamland Football Association and is headed by the King of Hamland.

Hammish Rugby has also mainly been simulated and there are currently no plans to field a real life team. Cycling was also a major sport at one point and was seen to be the main sport for real life competition but a lack of interest never took off.

Hamball was the attempt to create a Hammish national sport similar to lacrosse where handheld "scoops" were to be used to score goals in a small net, but this sport was deemed too complicated. In Hamland's early days a rubgy/Aussie rules type game which had existed in the Insectopia times called "Volcball" (named after the then Volcland) was to be played but the rules also were not clear enough and no interest was shown.

Hamland's football team plays in gold and blue and the Hamland Football Association hope to create several teams who can play in different countries and can play one off games against local teams.


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