Kingdom of Hanover

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The Kingdom of Dor-Amarth, is an entity which purports to be a sovereign nation-state but is typically classified by external observers as a micronation. It is located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States on a residential property in Shoreline, Washington. It is entirely enclaved by the United States.



The KIngdom of Dor-Amarth is a Constitutional Monarchy with a unicameral parliament. The Sovereign is Head of State and is assisted in the Executive management of the Kingdom by the Great Officers of State and the other officials of the Royal Household. The Head of Government is an elected Prime Minister who serves for a term of one (1) year. During those periods when there is no siting Parliament, and hence no elected Prime Minister, the Lord High Chancellor [1] serves as the Head of Government.

All Acts of Parliament must be personally signed by the Monarch and must bear the Great Seal of the Realm. Treasury Bills must also bear the Privy Seal of the Monarch. Within the Kingdom of Dor-Amarth, no Bill can become Law without the personal signature of the Monarch.