Kingdom of Haronve

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Kingdom of Haronve
Coat of arms
Motto: “Vapaus ja kunnia!” (Finnish: Freedom and Glory)
Anthem: May God Praise Our Holy Land
CapitalThe Republic of Vert city
Largest cityFar-Viertola
Official languagesFinnish, Armri
GovernmentViertolist Constitutional Monarchy
• King
Veikko Cape V 4/16/19-8/1/21
• Prime Minister
LegislatureHaronvean National Parliament
Establishment16 April 2019
• (February 2020) census
CurrencyViertolian Guar (g'), Euro (€)
Time zoneUTC+2 - UTC+3
Youtube Account: Kingdom of Haronve

The Kingdom of Haronve, more commonly known as Haronve, was a micronation located in Pirkanmaa (Finland), where they were mostly by themselves, building a strong political and economical country. Even though the nation's base in a less populated area, they were surviving with the help of their most strategically and economically important ally, the Federation of Erland.

The government of Haronve was a constitutional monarchy. The fully democratic parliament had the main power in the country. The Royals didn't very often take a say in nations matters.

The Kingdom of Haronve has ceased to exist as of the summer or 2021. The United Kingdoms of Haronve and Erland was formed and according to the treaty of Republic of Vert city, the Kingdom of Haronve is a part of the Haronvean Administrative Area.


Haronve's history starts in 2015 when the Federation of Armrean People declared micronational independence. It was a closed nation and didn't have any kinds of foreign relations out of it's 'Influence zone'. In 2017 Armre briefly turned into Socialism, before turning back into democracy and seeing the nation collapsing in the young government's hands. In the change of 2028-2019 Armre finally collapsed and the Republic of Trûn took power for the next 4 months.

In April 16 the same year, Trûn no longer could control it's territories and collapsed with most of the land left without claims. Still The Republic of Viertola had survived as the Capital state of Trûn, and saved it's economy from collapsing with the help of foreign aid from The Federation of Erland.

In June 2019 the economy that was seen as once prosperous had again fallen and this time socialists wanted to take back power they had lost in Armre. So the Vert Guerre (Eng. The Green war) had begun. The democratic forces got support from Erland in the last 3 days of the war and managed to push the Socialists back enough before both sides agreed on the treaty of Vert city. The agreement had them form a collaborative government in the lands. Within days the agreement was seen as bad and both sides decided to form with a Kingdom. So the Kingdom of Haronve was born.

Since peace was finally set on the lands of Haronve peace had been there since. Economy started booming again. But has stabilized due to Covid-19 effects in August 2020 without signs of lowering of growing. Haronve had only been a part of only one war since the civil war: the Civil war of Erkkilä between Fascists and Democrats on the side of the latter one.

Politics and government


The Government of Haronve was based off it's royalty. Haronvean Government is still Democratically elected. The Government consists of 6 ministries: the Ministry of Internal Affairs, -||- External Affairs, -||- Guar (Economics), -||- Justice (Office of the Judiciary), -||- National Treasury and the ministry of Defence. The head of government are the Prime Minister, The Parliamentary Ombudsman (in some cases a substitute named as a Deputy Parliamentary Ombudsman, the Chancellor of Justice and indirectly the authoritarian King. The Parliament of the Kingdom of Haronve  consists of 6 Representatives, who are elected for a term of a year at a time. The term of Parliament begins when the results of the Parliamentary elections have been confirmed and lasts until the next Parliamentary elections have been held. (Constitution of Haronve Chapter 3 Section 24)


For each electoral term, the Parliament appoints the Grand Committee, the Constitutional Law Committee, the Foreign Affairs Committee, the Finance Committee. In addition, the Parliament appoints Committees ad hoc for the preparation of, or inquiry into, a given matter. The Grand Committee shall have 2 members. The Constitutional Law Committee, the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Finance Committee shall have at least one member each. The other standing Committees shall have the right of not having any at a moment. In addition, each Committee shall have the necessary number of alternate members. A Committee has a quorum when at least two thirds of its members are present, unless a higher quorum has been specifically required for a given matter. (Constitution of Haronve Chapter 4 Section 35)

Seats of the Parliament

The seats before ceasing to exist:

5/9 = Christian-Democrats

3/9 = HKD (Haronven Kansallisdemokraatit/Haronvean National Democrats)

1/9 = HTP (Haronven Työväenpuolue/Haronvean Worker's Party)

As seen, only 3 parties have managed to make it into politics. Christian-Democrats have been keeping their seats firm since they got into power in December 2019. Instead HTP has lost 3 of their seats for HKD.

National defence / Military

Branches and their Work

The Kingdom of Haronve has a military consisting of the Royal Safety Forces (Kuninkaalliset Turvaus Voimat), which are set as the national defence force. The Haronvean Military also has the Colonial Defence Forces (Siirtomaallinen Puolustusvoima) due to the low effort in industry or effort towards the Military and it's technology Haronvean military just mainly does pre-planned operations in the East-Viert area as well as border guarding. The military of Erland is stronger than Haronve, yet Haronvean military technology and training is valuable to both nations, so Haronve has officers very often taking matters in Erlandian Military operations or training.

Military service and Commanding

Every Haronvean citizen is obligated to participate or assist in national defence, as provided by an Act. Provisions on the right to exemption, on grounds of conscience, from participation in military national defence are laid down by an Act. (Constitution of Haronve Chapter 12 Section 127 of National defence) The King of the Monarchy is the commander-in-chief of the defence forces. On the proposal of the Government in situations of emergency, the King may relinquish this task to another Haronvean citizen. The King appoints the officers of the defence forces. (Constitution of Haronve Chapter 12 Section 128 -||-)